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Wow! Great Film! Open Minded and Informative!, 17 October 2013

This documentary packs a lot of info, insight and ideas into a short format. It's truly an unvarnished look at the ideas about, stories of and social attitudes towards virginity. Not just now in the US, but through history and around the world. Open minded and informative! The personal interviews with anonymous people recounting their first time experiences was fascinating. There was everything from religious virgins, to lesbian, to good bad and indifferent. The film also explores the teen abstinence movement - but in a non insulting way. In fact that was my favorite part of this documentary if it's the interview with the transgender person, or the abstinence kids everyone and everything is treated with respect and allowed to speak. I like how there is no narration - so no one is telling you what to think or feel. You just watch, listen and learn. I hope they make more films in this series!