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These are the movies I have seen
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Has one or more of the following
-Managed to make more than the initial budget OR has ~7.0 (or higher) on IMDb OR it helped to start the career of the writer, director.

Micro Budget Range: <$100,000
Low Budget Range: $100,000 up to $50,000,000

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In order by the years in which each respective trilogy initially started. If it's not too much trouble suggest some in the comments.
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I picked these actors/actresses because aside from the fact that they are similar in appearance they also have similar birth years to the characters of Death Note.
I would have picked Asian actors but since I don't know any, I can't pick them. These are just my picks you can leave your picks or suggestions in the comment section.
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There was no preplanned order for this list. Also I might have missed a few people just because I probably forgot.
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This is a list of all the series that have ended and I have seen all of, and have personally deemed great from the beginning to the end.
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There was no organized order when I made this list just whatever popped out of my head first, I'll add more people later