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My personal "dysfunctional family" favorites from genres ranging from drama, thriller, horror, to comedy.
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Stars of Past and Present.

No requests to add Halle Berry, Alicia Keys, or any other celebrity representative of biracial beauty will be honored...and Beyoncé is just plain overrated. =P
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A list of celebrities that I have always secretly thought to favor each other. Those famously known for looking alike are the top 10. The others are my own personal opinion after seeing them on camera/pictures.

Take into account that these are all recent pictures of these celebrities which reflect recent hair color changes, weight gain, aging, etc. angles and lighting are different--some celebrities on the list only favor the "younger version" of another.
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I am a huge fan of the concept of Horror/Thriller and have faith in what it could be, although I have yet to see a movie that truly scared me. This list, however, includes decent movies that at least did not bore me to tears and had some of the most interesting and creative plot twists I have seen.
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List I compiled of the best TV shows I have watched to date.