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"So Weird" (1999)
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Great Supernatural Show, 4 August 2005

Despite being a "kids" show this is one of the better supernatural shows on TV. Much like a pre-teen X-Files. Unfortantly, the producers ruined the show by replacing the main character in the third season. The first two seasons revolve around Fiona "Fi" Phillips a 13-year-old who lives on the road with her musician mom Molly, her brother Jack, and the roadie Bell family.

The show is surprisingly dark for a kids show and each show is eerie and original with Fi finding new and mysterious things in every town she comes to. The center of Fi's obsession (which is what the supernatural is) is her father who died in a accident but who was into the same things as Fi.

Fi has to deal with normal teenage stuff as well as the supernatural stuff. Her family often worries about her "hobby" and how it effects her which gives the show a great family dynamic. The original cast had amazing chemistry together and you really could feel the family element.

While Alexz Johnson as Annie did a okay job in her role it changed the whole feel of the show. The show had always been dark until Annie came along when it suddenly became colorful and a little cheesy... more like a kids show then a good supernatural show. Unlike Fi, Annie tended to stumble into the situations she encountered as opposed to Fi who often went looking for the paranormal. Also, the family thing no longer existed with Annie like it did with Fi... The only really good thing about season 3 was there was more music. Though for GREAT So Weird music see the last episode of the second season (Molly's concert) is the best show to watch.

Speaking of music, this show has great music. I want a soundtrack!

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Magical, 13 November 2004

Okay, I'm 23 and have no children. I have been in love with this book since the age of 8. It is a beautiful book and I was really if-y about them making it into a movie. However, I found that I really liked it. The music and the Elves at the end were somewhat cheesy, but the heart of the story from the book is still there and it's still a story about hope and believing. I like the characters they added a lot, it really filled out the story, because, well they had to.

The animation was brilliant, there was just the right amount of comedy without taking away from the heart of the story. It was beautifully written and drawn and I believe it will be a Christmas classic. At least it will be in my life. As a long time fan of the book there was somethings I wish they wouldn't have done with the movie, but as a whole I found myself loving it just as much as I do the book.