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" Don't Speak to me of God ", 19 August 2016

It seems to me that the more versions we have of Mary's Shelly's book the more defined her characters become. In this versions it is Igor who relates the saga. From his (Daniel Radcliffe) perspective the audience shares the story view from the Hunchback's point of view. In doing so the tale is broaden and the movie itself is enlarged to see it from his life. In this way, it is he who tells the story and he is transformed from a minor character to a intelligent being who shares the credit the creation of The Monster (Spencer Wilding) along with Victor Frankenstein) The movie is great and the special direction it is given spins off in a new and orbit. It is well acted and the audience is well deserved of the new appreciation from this version. Well done and with it a new Classic is born. ****

"Through the Eyes of a Child we view his life ", 8 July 2016

It isn't often, we as the audience are able to accompany someone in a films which not only entertains us, but often allow us to share their lives through their entire progression. This is our reward as we view a very young boy named 'ToTo' (Salvatove Di Vitoe). As he becomes enamored with early films shown in his tiny Italian Village. The Projectist is an old man who tolerates his visits. Day after day the boy not only becomes a help to the old man, but soon develops a love for films, but learns to appreciates them throughout his life. His own life is filled with love with a young beauty and events which effect his town and it's people. As these events parade through his life and his family, he never loses his life for movies. Through each event his own life takes it's toll as we see him age, while he learns the value of love and friendship, plus the price each has on him. 'Alfredo,' The old man (Philipp Noriret) Gives the boy some advice which doesn't always pan out. Still the film garners many awards from around the world. Interesting enough it is rated R and after seeing the film twice I can't see why. There is nothing in the film which promotes all the objections such as overt nudity, sex or violence. And yet, the village priest see's to it that not even Kissing is allowed to be viewed by the audience. Never the less, it wins many awards and is worth keeping as a movie. The actors have given us a view of their lives and we can't see an reason why the family shouldn't see it as well. ***

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" Never Lie to someone who is expecting you to Lie ', 3 June 2016

There are many stories of people who helped win World War Two. Among them are the unknown agencies who help bring about the Nazi downfall. One of them was called MI6. Given the nearly impossible task called " Enigma ', their job was to unravel it's secret messages send by their superiors to their military forces in the oceans of the world. This serious drama is called " The Imitation Game. " It's main star is ( Benedict Cumberbatch and Alex Lauther) who plays Allen Turin. In this role, which highlights their efforts of his special group, illustrates the difficulty they faced in trying to break the German's Crytic codes. At the same time in his life, Turing reveals his own secret to the audience of being Homosexual at a time when it was Illegal and could very well send him to prison. This is a very profound film and the cast are extremely well selected as they deliver a well-crafted story. While giving a star rated performance, Cumberbatch, delivers much of what is expected of a lonely isolated man who is forever afraid of being found out in a place where secrets are expected to be revealed. Admiration must given to those who make up the cast. Brilliant and inspirational is the result. Well done!! I suspect this movie will become a Classic. ****

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" A Classic is Born ", 19 May 2016

In the great Making of a Good Movie One Needs to remember to include the right Cast, a leading man and a sound script. In this film " In the Heart of the sea " this also includes the right Director. All this was accomplished with Ron Howard. In viewing this film, one sees that everything was selected just so which includes the selection of a solid top name in Brandon Gleeson. The movie is great in every sense of the word. The casting is 1st rate. The screen is well acted and the story is right on. The movie is then picture perfect in every sense of the word

Well Done ****

" I left a part of me in that war, but which was it? My soul or my memory ", 27 August 2014

Among all the great movies which Gregory Peck acted in, this one touched me deeply. Capt. Josiah J. Newman, MD. Peck portrays a psychiatrist, dealing with combat veterans traumatized by horrific incidents during the war or P.T.S.D. Among the worst case is Col. Norval Algate Bliss (Eddie Albert) who assumes complete responsibility for the men he ordered to their death and the loss of his entire command. Always short of qualified staff, Newman recruits people from wherever venue he can and none more qualified for the mental ward than Cpl. Jackson 'Jake' Leibowitz (Tony Curtis). (One of his best) Other cast members include James Gregory, Robert Duvall (Superior role) Dick Sargent (Before his role in Bewitched.) Larry Storch and Vito Scotti as a P.O.W. The film explores the many aspects of todays Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Although listed as a comedy, the movie does little to spark laughter. Instead it is filled with lighthearted humor and serious venues dealing with veterans who need mental help. A find movie and one which Peck himself listed as one of his favorites. Easily Recommended. ****

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Across the land and further south, we've established a new confederate country ", 26 August 2014

Gordon Douglas took this Clair Huffaker novel and directed the Great Jim Brown in his first Hollywood movie. The story concerns two officers from the America Civil War, Richard Boone and Stuart Whitman and pits them against one another south of the border. A wagon load of repeating rifles is high-jacked and smuggled across the border to Mexico. There the shipment is traded to marauding Apache Indians, who threaten to ignite a war with the U.S. Anthony Franciosa, Jim Brown,Vito Scotti and Edmond O'Brien head an all star cast. The script however is poor and the story line as wells at the action leaves much to be desired. Still, Boone and Whitman do their level best to make for an exciting drama, Anthony Franciosa shines as Rodriguez. However, it's up to Edmond O'Brien to carry the burden of the film as a demented Southern General. Recommended to audience who enjoy his films. I do. ****

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" War is an argument that got out of hand ", 25 August 2014

There is little doubt, Herman Wouk's comprehensive novel " War and Remembrance " will become a True Classic and it follows too, the film version directed by Dan Curtis will too. Upon viewing the 12 part Mini-Series staring Robert Mitchum, I was most impressed. The acting, the dialog and the international cast was superb. The mesmerizing story concerning two families is told in segments and when traced across continents reminds one of a great novel; once begun, hard to put down. A serious assemblage of fine actors have gathered to create a remarkable movie. They include Robert Mitchum as Capt. Victor 'Pug' Henry, Hart Bochner as Byron Henry, Sami Frey, William Schallert, Jeremy Kemp, Steven Berkoff as Adolf Hitler, Robert Hardy, Topol and Ralph Bellamy, as President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, along with Jane Seymour, Victoria Tennant and Polly Bergen. Together this fine cast creates a touching and heartfelt series not to be missed and which also lays the foundation to be easily recommended for anyone interested in seeing living history in the making and that includes the Jewish Holocaust, which I highly recommended as a great tribute to great theater and should be kept and shelved as a Classic. ****

Sebastian (1968)
" The secret to breaking codes is to remember that mathematics is the key ", 23 August 2014

During the war most of the men who served in the War department were soldiers off in some country trying to kill one another. Thus women with nothing more to do than answer telephones and take messages, were recruited to play with words and numbers. Thus the thrust of this film called " Sebastian " who is gifted with a remarkable ability of breaking intricate secret codes. Dirk Bogarde is Sebastian who assembles a bevy of women to work for the Civil Service breaking secret codes. He is serious about his work and is diligent in remaining single minded towards his job. However in selecting an all female staff, he inadvertently selects one who is attracted to him and this leads to complications. Secrets are the mainstay of his work and that leaves little time for romance. However his latest acquisition (Susannah York) soon causes much disturbance in his private life and that allows a criminal element (Ronald Fraser) to use it against him. Donald Sutherland plays the America, Ackerman who invites Sebastian to help him break a very unusual and complicated Russian spy code, The movie is interesting and primarily a romantic chick flick, but It is also interesting to see an international film star like Sutherland playing such a bit part in his early career. Still, I would recommend it because of the two serious actors combine to make his movie a Classic in the 1960's. ****

" The only island that can house a man properly is the grave we make of our world ", 22 August 2014

William Defoe's original novel has been done several times, but I've found this version to be the most true to his book. Dan O'Herlihy stars as the famed survivor of a the English shipwreck who spends years stranded on the Caribbean island making his home in isolation, Through his ordeal Crusoe makes do with what little he has. His efforts are what today's survivors programs are all about. However, in todays world audiences are fully aware of lack of authenticity. The movie is a superior version of the Defoe's novel come to life and the acting is superior and this includes Jaime Fernández who takes on the role of Friday his friend and companion. Easily recommended for all audiences as a true Classic. ****

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" I know who I am, but it feels like I'm some one else ", 22 August 2014

This movie has a great many innovations but it seems like there is way too much of a good thing when it comes to romance. So much so that one could easily decry that this is a Chick movie and destroys the Guy elements in it's efforts. Sure there is much excitement, action and story line, but it gets buried in too many branches of the Spiderman myth. Andrew Garfield returns as Spider-Man / Peter Parker and Emma Stone is Gwen Stacy his girlfriend. Theirs is a cursed relationship but they do try and hold it together with a lot of web action sequences. In addition, a new villain, Jamie Foxx appears as Electro who I think was a waste of great talent as the director cloaked him behind way too much makeup which we lose during his transformation. However were it not for the dark settings, audiences could keep track of it all. The best part of this movie is the reappearance of Stan Lee, the creator of the Marvel characters. Sally Field also returns as Aunt May Peter Parker's remaining relative. The most interesting part of this movie waits till it's conclusion and then it awakens audiences with a new villain called Rhino for a the movie itself is concern, it remains a let down and I hope the next will be more cohesive. ****

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