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In these last days of 2013 it's time to make some rewind and decide which TV series I enjoyed most during this year. This list is shorter then the previous year, not because quality and fun of series out there have decreased but mostly because this year I've spent more time with some other hobbies. Nevertheless, watching some good series is still a great pleasure and represents around 90% of my time whenever I'm sitting in my couch looking at tv. So, with no further delay here is my favorite list of 2013 TV series.
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Yes. It’s true. I believe I can be considered a TV Show addict. It all started to be just an occasional leisure activity in the early days of X-Files or more recently with Lost. The fact is, that in the past 4 years I find almost impossible to be awake during the timeframe of a movie. Family and work absorb most of my energy and sitting in the couch at night without falling asleep is something that I can do for no more than one hour. I would say that TV Shows have become a natural choice of spending time looking at my TV set. During 2011 and 2012, this addiction turned out to be quite regular and I can say I spend around 30 hours per month watching TV Shows. So, for the first year here is a list of my twenty favorite series I watched during 2012. Enjoy.