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What a mess this movie is... could had been way better, 1 September 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Its really disappointing when you see a movie with such potential turning up to be such a high disappointment. The premise was good, and it could had made up for a very nice ambient horror movie with the ghost subject and all. Maybe had some nice gruesome kills on top of that, but i would had mainly see it as ambient horror. But sadly it turned out to be just a confusing mess. The characters for a start are so unbelievable. The situation shown in the flashbacks are totally out of nowhere and you are just thinking "did i just saw that?". The core of the story about the kids killing the Indian dude is also completely weird. Then how they behave in the day the movie is happening is also completely off the roof stupid.

The only 2 characters that are slightly interesting are Veronica and Matt, but even there at some point they got me loss. The ambiance is not scary at all. The ghost effects look cheap and fake(they turn out to be in the story but still...) so it does not make for a scary movie at all. The kills are mostly done off screen or in ways that are not satisfying either. The only time the movie score points is because it always make you guess on what is happening but sadly the way they reveal the story is not nicely done at all.

At the end it turn out the bad guys are Veronica(for what reason... i am still thinking about it) and the teacher who put them in detention in the first place. Again not really understanding why they did that, and why he kill his sidekick either. Oh yeah because she made him sick... ahem.

Then there is some kind of final twist which show Max the janitor pretty much being the relative of the Indian dude(even tough he does not look Indian at all) and putting the blame of the killing on Matt... just because Matt "could be" a descendant of the general who massacred some Indians in the old time. Yeah confusing right? So was he with the teacher or not? Did he just seized the occasion? In any case even the ending is not remotely satisfying.

Oh and i almost forgot to mention the music... ouch. Its truly amazingly bad and irritating. The sound effects on the other hand where OK.

So well sadly this movie turn out to be just another cheap horror slasher with a bad twist and you won't remember it in T-minus 1 day...yup already forgot.

Gallowwalkers .. more like Hollowmovie..., 30 August 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I came across this movie in a bargain bin at the video store. Saw the date of 2013 and tough it was made post-prison of Wesley Sniples. Actually i was wrong and although it was released late, it was actually filmed before. In that period, Snipes was the lead of so many cheap Direct to Video turd and this one is no exception.

I tried to like the movie, i really tried. But sadly so many points prevent me from doing so. First of all the beginning is totally anti-climatic as stuff happens and you don't know why, or who those guys are. Eventually everything is revealed in the movie and the general plot is explained good enough, but there is still a bunch of informations missing. For example the 2 main "secondary characters" are left totally without any background story. Sniples character come and rescue his future sidekick only because he needed a sidekick... but its never really explain who was that guy and why he chose him.The prostitute also seem important to the story at first, but mostly vanish and end up being very disposable without character development.

The main intentions of the villain although very clear and understandable end up having no point at all and they never even reach the place where they wanted to go. More or less they want to go at the gates of hell or something so the main bad guy can make a deal with the devil or something to bring back his son from death. Yet it end up just be a showdown between him and Snipes because Snipes killed him in the first place, and want to kill him again for good by beheading him so he don't come back. On the other hand he want to kill Snipes because he killed him...

So pretty much tiny plots trying to take more space by hiding stuff here and there and making you guess, but in the end all of those side elements end up being totally unimportant. Now if only the action was good at least? Sorry, its no better in that department. Too much down time where nothing happens and when stuff happen its just some low grade shooting scenes... There is a couple of classic western showdowns if you like that, but they have nothing spectacular either. The location of the filming is, as many said, completely terrible. Its mostly desert everywhere and its boring. My main concern with the movie tough is really you never get attached to any character, even the lead, they are totally forgettable.

Anyway after a pretty cool comeback in Expendables 3, i hope Wesley Snipes can find good script and showcase his ability in future movies. I actually liked Game of Death which was released i think in 2011. But Gallows Walker is really a very forgettable movie that as Jeremy Jahn would say, you won't remember it in T-minus 15 minutes. I will give it a 4 out of 10 only because there was some parts where i was entertain and it didn't made me want to turn it off or anything... just that i watched it without much conviction and my copy is going straight back where it came from, the bargain bin.

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What did i just watched? Oh Boy !!!, 29 August 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Now don't get me wrong, the Peter Parker/Spider-man and Gwen Stacy characters are done fine. Even Electro is OK as a villain. But what they did with the rest??? They spend all the movie build the Green Goblin for what? 3 minutes of screen time? WTF. I already heard the Rhyno was more or less just a cameo.. And "poop" yeah he was... not even a complete battle wow... But Green Goblin appear on screen for a couple minutes, thats it... he is so lame... I was so disappointed when i saw this...

Yes yes, maybe they want to keep him for a sequel... maybe. And yes they did show the tentacles and all.. so there still lots of potential for this series. But really the way Harry Osbourn aka Green Goblin(by the way he is never called that) is handled is crap... plain and simple.

Of course when there was a pretty good trilogy before you tend to compare... and compared to the first trilogy so far this one ain't winning... 2 vs 2 is superior to the first trilogy easily...

Its just... you don't relay the Goblin to a second zone "poopy" villain... hell even Harry as the Goblin in Spider-Man 3 had more of a role and a better story... !!! I feel they try to "dark knight" this series too much and they can't even match Nolan's work... not remotely...

So yeah some stuff was entertaining, and Andrew Garfield do a good job as Spider-Man... but the rest feel just SOOO OFFF

PS : Yes i used "poop" because for some strange reason the board don't let me post the real word.

A better effort from Seagal?, 16 August 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If you decide to watch a Steven Seagal movie these latest years, you know what to expect. There is still a couple guys like me that find his movies entertaining, and then there is your typical dude who watch them just to bash them.

Surprisingly tough, even tough Seagal has decent screen time and a decent role, the real star is much more the young Bren Foster. This guy was really cool to see on screen. He may not have the biggest presence in term of acting but his martial art remind of the ones of Scott Adkins and Matt Mullins. Really cool to see and i hope to see more of him. On supporting side you have Ving Rhymes and Danny Trejo, who does there things as usual. Trejo is always likable no matter what he plays in.

Now where i did had a problem with the movie is the story. Hurst fail a hit that was extremely risky and bizarre from the start, and for that Alexander(Seagal) let him get tortured by this black dude. If you have been close with somebody for 15 years, would you let somebody else demolish him for a bad mistake? He didn't rat out, he didn't abandoned, he did the hit, and somebody else gave him a false info. I was extremely mad at this point and for me the bad guy was Seagal, he should had been the one Hurst got after. But the movie turned weirdly and in the end Hurst got back with Alexander and helped him out. This for me was hard to swallow. Not only the beating was extreme, but on top of that he remained handicapped from it... And all this time Seagal could had him get healed, but he waited until he needed him again.

So even tough i kinda got in the story and rooted for Hurst, i didn't like the other side of it and i was hoping it would be your typical revenge flick with a Hurst vs Alexander fight at the end, and it was not the case.

But the bottom line is, Steven Seagal, or mostly his stunt double, does his things, Foster steal the show for the fight scene he is in, and i would had like to see more of him really. A decent movie, i would give it 6.5 which put it at 7/10 here on IMDb. If Seagal bring more young martial art actors in his movies, i think he could make some very decent ones. It would be great for him to pass the torch if i can say and at the same time have still a presence in the movie to sell the fact he is on the cover and get top billing.

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Twister on Nitro !!! YEAH, 10 August 2014

I will keep i short for this one. I loved Twister back in the 90s and this movie is a pretty good remake even if not really a remake. The characters where interesting and i really fell for them. Especially liked the older brother and his love interest. The special effects where mind blowing on the big screen, really awesome to see and its one good example of how to use CGI nowadays. Sure there was a couple down moments like every movie does and its true the script ain't extremely elaborate, but the movies delivers on what it promise and the characters, well most of them, are pretty likable so what could i ask more? See it on the big screen, the special effects are really worth it.

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Fans should be happy, 9 August 2014

I was able to catch the last screening of the fantasia film festival in Montreal. I am so glad James decided to take the movie here. As a huge Nerd fan, i couldn't wait to see the movie.

The audience at this screening was much more into then what the other guy said for the July review. People applauded for a lot of scenes and special moment that i won't mention for surprise purpose. I was glad to be part of that and keep a good memory of this.

The movie itself was very funny. Its true there was some jokes that felt flat, and its not a perfect things from A to Z, but which movie is perfect? As a fan of the web series i enjoyed it a lot. Of course it had to go out of the Nerd room, but i think they respected the Nerd universe very well. There is a lot of winks in the movie to previous stuff and if you understand what James tried to do, you will like the style of it as well.

Some people mentioned the side kick character being not the best point of the movie, and i kinda agree. The fact of having an iconic character like the Nerd with a random "new" character added was hard to get at first but as time pass by i got used to him. Not the actor's fault at all. As for all the other characters, i enjoyed them, good villains especially.

Since Mike Matei does not really "exist" as himself in the nerd universe i can understand he was not one of the main character but somewhat i wish they would had write a character for him, the chemistry with him and James would had been better. And we are used to the guy.

In any case, an awesome time, and its the first time i attend a film festival, so for my first time it was a great one and I'm glad i was able to be part of this. I will surely buy this on DVD when it release and i am sure its one of those movie i will even enjoy more when i see it for a second, third, fourth time and such.

It took a long time to finally be able to see this movie, but it was worth the wait. Congratulation to James and the Cinemassacre team.

Was expecting some "black hawk down type" movie...NOP, 20 July 2014

There is 2 reasons why i got this movie, no actually there is 3... The first one was it had Jessica Biel, which i find gorgeous and likable in much the stuff she is in. Second was it was very cheap, only 3$ at the video store for a buy. Third one is the most important, i was really expecting a war theme movie about a group of soldier being ambushed in Irak and having to survive... Thats actually the premise of the movie if you read the back of the box art....??? But the movie is something completely different. There is an ambush yeah, and they do have to survive, but for 5-10 minutes at best... Thats one of the rare action sequence of the movie and all the rest is a drama about how they have to readjust to there previous lives...

Now i will give that to the writers and people involved, the story is not bad, and for the kind of person that do enjoy these types of movies, I'm sure this one is a good one. Thats why I'm giving it a 6, being honest. But me... i was expecting an action movie, by everything the movie had to offer from cover art, to the synopsis, and the actor playing in it. Yeah the fact of having 50 cent in a drama is very strange for me. Samuel L and Jessica Biel also have there share of action movies...

In any case, i was PERSONALLY bored for the best part of the movie, despite a good try by the actors and a script that i mentioned, is pretty good for its category. Thanksfully the movie was not too long, unlike The Hurt Locker where i checked like 5 times when it was gonna end... so well. But nop, these are not my type of movies...

In the Blood (2014/I)
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Direct to Video done RIGHT !, 18 June 2014

I really enjoyed this movie, i am actually surprise i did enjoy it that much. When i got Haywire i was a bit disappointed, Gina did her best but the scenario was really not a strong point. This movie scenario is extremely interesting despise being very simple. You want her to find it, you root for her and you feel her pain. I think Gina's acting has also improved a lot. I tough she was a bit wooden in Fast and Furious 6 despise playing her part OK, but in this she show emotions, she make you feel for her character.

So yes, i did enjoy the scenario, which is something that really help make a movie interesting obviously, but what about the action? It was pretty nice actually. I maybe hoped there would be a little more of it, but it was very well shot. You could feel the blows, you can tell she knows her stuff and it look real.

This movie came as a huge surprise for me, since its only Gina's second lead role, and i think really if she sign on good projects, she could very be the next action star.

She is tough, she is build up, muscular, yet she manage to be so hot at the same time its crazy. She knows fighting (for real) and how to make fights interesting and as i said above, her acting really improved a lot since i saw her in the last movie. If Stallone makes Expendables 3, please bring Gina in it, she would be the perfect match for a role.

Part of me want Gina to get back into MMA, but then again if she choose to remain in the movie industry, i think ill enjoy it just as much, if not more.

I am giving this movie 8, maybe its a bit higher that what i should, but since i really enjoyed it, had a good time, and its awesome to see a movie without a gazillion $ budget be that interesting, i think it deserve it. They manage to keep me entertained, have fun, get into the story, and that without CGI and lots of special effects or such. Thats quite an accomplishment for an action movie.

Not much to redeem, Thais will never learn..., 11 June 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A Thai superhero movie? Sounds weird huh? But why not... After all MIRAGE MAN starring Colombian Martial Artist Marko Zaror was not bad at all, rather interesting despise its lead actor very minimal acting skills.

But when it comes to Thai, it seem they ALWAYS have to include some kind of religious factors into there story, and this is always where they are gonna loose us, the western public. We don't care at all about those. The hero happen to be a fireman... thats enough, we like him already, no need to make him somewhat religious or have a religious side kick... I know that the amulets must come from somewhere, but i was hoping for once of having a Thai movie not including something like that at all. Take Ong Bak, take The Protector, what make them fun is Tony Jaa and the fights, nobody cared for the scenario involving religious artifacts...

When i watch a Thai Movie, its always the problem, the action is usually great but the scenario does not interest me at all. But sadly in this case even the action was not stellar. Its not atrocious, but this is nowhere near close to what you will expect reading "ong bak" and "The protector" on the cover. It seem the only decent martial arts scenes are the ones when the hero is in costume, which i supposed are done by his stunt double... The action scenes of the girls fighting are pretty weak... and when the hero is out of costume he fight terrible also.

But after all its a superhero movie, then how are the special effects, the bad guys, the powers, the costume? Well the power themselves are pretty cool. The black costume ain't bad either, it look a bit in the vein of "Kick Ass" if i can say so don't aspect some Nolan Batsuit, but its decent.

The special effects on the other hand... well in some parts there pretty good, but when they want to overdo, it seem our hero morph into a video game character CGI sequence and it looks TERRIBLE. Super Fake looking. The bad guys, now this one made me wondering. There supposed to be some afghan terrorist, but some of them look Caucasians(??) and the hero and his side kick totally look Thai... The worst part is the leader actually wear eye liner and make up that make him look extremely goofy and the dubbing have him talk with some cheap Arabians accent...when every other character talk normal English. Oh and the dubbing... lol... terrible. I know Americans are not used to dub movies... I'm from Quebec, i watch most of my movies in french dubbing, and we know how to do the job well, but here, it seem some American dudes where just reading the lines and thats it... They even dubbed a guy looking like he is 85 years old with a 40 years old sounding voice....

So in the end what can i say? Well enough action to entertain me, but some of it is good, some of it is bad, the special effects where cool in moments, cheap DTV CGI looking in others, the dubbing horrible, but the part that disappoint the most is the story.

You are never really explain where the amulets come from, the terrorist goal and back story is terrible, and that little boy that seem to have mind control over human and electronic... they never explain where he come from at all... but he become a key part of the story so your like.... WHAT??? So Mercury Man is more or less what Jeremy Jahns would call "You'r not gonna remember it in T-minus 15 minutes"...

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Yep, i really enjoyed this !!, 1 June 2014

From the producers of Underworld... Yeah easy to see and i loved it ! I just love this Gothic kinda look they put into monster movies, it gives them charm. Is the plot really original? Yes and no. No because its more or less a retail of Underworld meet Van Helsing... and yes because its a new take on the Frenkenstein's monster.

I will be honest, i never cared for the original story, be it the book or early movies. I don't give a crap about any cinema made before my birth actually which is 85... maybe except Enter the Dragon... and thats because im a sucker for martial arts tournament movies... In other worlds old black and white "classics" ... i just don't care.

I loved how this movie pretty much wrapped the original story in 5 min, like yeah that happened and now its our story going on, and its original. Original for the monster, but like i said, yeah its more or less Van Helsing and Underworld combined... But hey it worked...

Aaron Eckhart was good as the monster, the visuals are amazing, the plot is simple but effective, its a joy to see Bill Nighy plain the same type of villain once more, and the fights where entertaining.

Is that a cinematic masterpiece? No, but its a good fun action movie and i enjoyed it really much. I would like to see more. Just don't expect a drama or an horror movie. Yeah lots of CGI, lots of action, thats what this movie is, its fun and its for entertainement.

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