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Special ID (2013)
Not that good for Donnie Yen...but not terrible, 16 April 2015

Donnie Yen's name usually mean the movie is gonna be pretty fun, i own several of his movies and despite not all of them being masterpieces, at least there entertaining. Then there the kind of Ip Man 1 and 2 which are just awesometacular movies.

This one i heard suffered from a lot of problems on set and it show. First of all the story is completely messed up. The movie try at some point to make you feel for these characters, but somewhat for a major part of the movie its just too hard. You just follow and ask yourself who is this...? Protagonist appears left and right and you just get the basic of the story. I never got into the story, as why this guy is a bad guy, why he is doing what he does, and they kinda try to establish a connection with some characters with minimal back story flashbacks but there so few of them it basically just tell you that protagonist 1 knows antagonist 1.

How about the martial arts you would say? Well, its really hit or miss, some scenes where pretty good while others where cringe worthy... Special effects even tough rarely used are terrible when they happen.

In the end considering i didn't had a terrible time, but was not either that much into the movie, i will give it a slightly average score of 6.

Donnie's acting help him get 1 more points...

Unsatisfied - Warning, heavy spoilers !!, 26 March 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

So i knew from the start this was gonna be a psychological cop thriller and not a Taken clone. I am fine with that. On the other hand i think the way the case is shown is a bit easy going. For a small part of the movie we do guess who the killer(s) is gonna be but then we find out pretty soon and after that its just a matter of getting to them.

Some stuff in the movie make no sense, like why a drug dealer would not have henchmen and be ready to take action himself. I get that he need to hire Matt, but once the killer are found, why in the hell does his drug addict brother is the one holding the rifle... because he was in the army? There should had been much more henchmen ready to do the job.

Then when the little girl is safe, they could had do so much more to get the guys there. Also i am sorry but the ending felt totally unsatisfying to me. The worst of the 2 killers is killed by his partner, and its never really explained why, and the second one get off pretty easy too. Kenny which was the one giving the job to Liam Neeson's character end up dead in a very badly off screen scene.

I never read the book but the ending i saw online made much much more sense than the movie ending. This guys where horrible and they deserved punishment.

So in the end was i interested in the story to finish the movie? Yes, but if the movie do not show much action, one would expect a better psychological/cop case thriller side.

In the end glad i saw it, but will hardly ever watch it again.

Entertaining but could had been better, 6 March 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I managed to find this movie because i wanted to see a Cung le vs Dolph Lundgren Movie for sure... It was not easy to find but i did.

The start of the movie is a bit anti climatic and even tough i saw this formula of presenting the guys one after the other with there name stamped on a freeze frame, it was kinda chaotic in that movie. I also didn't like the blurry camera in some part, i guess they wanted to go artistic but ended up just bad.

The script is as unoriginal as it may get but i usually like that kind of stuff and overall liked it. On the other hand some scenes really does not help the movie, bad decisions made by the characters and "roll your eyes" moment where you are really wondering why didn't he just shoot...

Also the relation between the characters looked very forced and the wooden acting of Cung Le and his army buddy didn't help get into those guys as characters either. Dolph is Dolph, he is enjoyable and he play a good enough villain. Vinnie Jones is there to be Vinnie Jones and add "star power" to a DTV movie.

Now for the spoiler, and this really bugged me out, the Vin guy, who is the one killing the family, ending out showing remorse and we do not know if he died or not, that really was bad... There was so much potential, they could had made so much in the movie with that, as will he forgive him for having kill his family when he want to repent and do a good deed, it may had been cliché but the whole movie is very cliché anyway.

So in the end, a good time if your drunk by Jeremy Jahns standard, the fights are nice, and even tough not spectacular in any mean, it fill a Friday night pretty good.

At last, my review of Funny People..., 2 March 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have this movie in my collection for quite some years... but on blu ray and i didn't had a player until recently when i got my X1. Long story short i bough the DVD, it was in terrible shape, borough it back to the video store, all they had left was a blu ray... which i accepted for later use.

So well, straight to point, was it a good movie? Kinda... more on the yes side. The problem is, the movie is at times very funny, at times the jokes and situations fells flat, but more or less, oh my god could it had been wrapped in 120 minutes or less... easily.

Sanddler, Rogen and pretty much all the cast do a good job, my gripe comes mostly from the story, as i liked a lot how it start but the second act felt very odd and i didn't like where it was going. Also the ending despite the movie uber long running time, felt abrupt and unresolved...

I know this is more like a drama comedy than a real "comedy" but when you watch a Sanddler and Rogen movie, or even more the 2 of them combined, you hope for very funny situations and jokes. Some parts made me chuckle good, but some overlong part really bored me.

In any case I'm glad i finally was able to saw it, but i can't say its either among my favourite Sanddler or Rogen movies...

I changed my rating like 3 times during this review, i would give it a 6.5 if i could... but i settle for 6 and not 7...

I prefer watching pineapple express, Happy Gilmore and other funnier movies.

Same old Thai recipe..., 7 February 2015

I bough this movie when i was still trying to get my hand on everything that included martial arts. After many Thai disappointments, i decided to put this movie in the "to watch at an ulterior date" box. I finally decided to give it a go.

So once again, another Thai movie that do everything it can to make me uninterested in the protagonists. I am not hard to please, a good old revenge flick is usually a winning formula for me. Yet this is exactly the case here, a revenge plot, yet its far from being in the winning category i am afraid.

The martial arts are not bad at all, some scenes are actually pretty cool, but the problem is, there is some downs in the movie where nothing happen in term of action and the story is just simply uninteresting, mostly because of the characters. The whole rocket flying main dude was just ridiculous, the wizard character and the other guy using magic consist mostly of making small explosion of sand and having the enemies jump around, taking away the interest for me in the genuine action scenes And finally the 2 other bad guys, the cannibal big dude and the guy trying to sell them tractor are just so cartoon... only the Thais can pull out that much cartoonish characters.

All the non sense in the movie drive me away from what could had been a cool driven by revenge flick with spectacular martial arts. Yes Dan Chupong may not be Tony Jaa but he still pull out great choreography's.

The problem with Thai movies for me is that there is always non sense that make me roll my eyes and kill any interest i may have in the movie. Maybe its because i am a westerner, but i don't see to have that much problem with Chinese movies, even the more traditional ones. If anything some like Ip Man with Donnie Yen are among my favourite movies.

I do not recommend Dynamite Warrior unless you don't mind those Thai set-ups and are crazy for martial arts, no matter the story. I hesitated to watch it for a long time (over 1 year) and still it was exactly what i tough it was. Back to the

The movie we never needed..., 7 February 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The synopsis caught my eyes and i was able to find this movie. I was expecting something like I spit on your Grave or Last House on the left. To be totally honest i never saw the originals and only the remakes. Yet this movie was made in the 2000s, so well...

Turned out to be a very amateurish movie in every sense of the term. The movie got this "high school project" vibe as the camera, directing and everything look pretty amateur, and the main actress acting... holy cow...

Seriously i couldn't get involved in anything that was happening. As she is getting rape she looks bored to death and i dunno, she just ain't believable at all. The other girl that get murdered at the beginning seem way more genuine in her acting.

The movie also got a fair share of nudity and the girls are not unpleasant to the eyes, but when this is your movie highlight, there is definitely a problem.

If you watch a movie like that, you want the girl to get her revenge, to make them pay, here i didn't had any feeling what so ever. The characters are just too cartoonish and well, if i would be Jeremy Jahn i would give it "Not remember it in T-minus 15 minutes, yet already forgot" ratings, barely escaping his worst rating that i can't type here cause it got prohibited words it seem...

I will give it a 4 and give it the benefit of the doubt because it seem to know its place, and its after all indeed an amateur movie... and well that machete to the ass was actually original...

But unless the genre really appeal to you, you can skip this one.

A lot better than the review may suggest, 22 January 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Seriously, i am stunned to see such bad critics of this movie. Lets put cards on the table right away tough, is this as good as the first one? No, of course now. Does the CGI looked bad? Yes it does. Is the story pretty weak? Yeah, like 90% of the Thai martial arts movies that i watch... But does the martial arts is bad? Hell NO !! Seriously, if you compare the movie to the first one, sure you won't find the same awesomeness, the first Protector was one of its kind, with the staircase scene, bigger badder dudes always stronger than the one before almost feeling like a video game, and Tony beating the odds every time. But still this movie does have some very cool fight scenes, the black guy call No.2 is pretty impressive and overall its another non stop martial art fest. Only the motocross scene at the beginning felt like its going way too long and it gets ridiculous, but the rest is rather pretty good. For example there is a scene in a flaming building, the CGI is bad yes, but the fight scene itself is pretty cool.

As for the story, yes they did try to complicate the story a little too much to the point it remain uninteresting but also confusing, and yes its weird to see "RZA" as the villain. The guy can hold his ground in a martial arts movie maybe as sub-boss number 3, but the main villain, opposing Jaa? Feel weird really. He ain't no Johnny Nguyen.

I dunno, maybe because of such the negative critics that i saw on this movie i watched it with very low expectation, but it turned out that i had lots of fun. You just have to take it for what it is, a martial arts extravaganza with a thin plot line that really is there to put a semi reason on all the fights going on.

In no way does it deserve all the bad reviews it got.

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Light hearted, adventure for family., 17 January 2015

When my friend mentioned to me there was a Scorpion King 4, he said this was a Nanar, which is a french word they use in France, with the equivalent in English that could be "movies there so bad there good" but at the same time, its not exactly that.

First of all the movie is made to be an action adventure comedy, with a huge emphasis on comedy. Its been so long i have not seen the first Scorpion King with Dwayne Johnson, i can't remember exactly but i am sure it was not that "on the comedy aspect" if i can say.

It seem the cast just had fun with this one, its almost like watching a Disney cartoon with real persons. If you can remember Hercules the Legendary Journeys with Kevin Sorbo, well this is close to that.

So could we really call it a "Nanar"? Not really cause it seem they really knew what they wanted to do and they did just that. Honestly i had fun watching it, the characters where cool, and sure at times i was like "oh common really?" but always with a smile. Its just a good family fun time.

Just don't expect anything serious and you should enjoy it.

Lucy (2014/I)
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Decent, fun to follow, nothing brilliant tough..., 16 January 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Honestly the concept is awesome, but the execution... that is probably what left me "meh". First of all the drug part at the beginning.. that was hard to get by. I mean if Lucy can seen as a superhero(not really the point of the movie) i feel her "mutation" happened in a very stupid way. Even in a marvel movie i would had say "ok... yeah right..." Lucy and Freeman's characters are fine, but the bad guys are just bad caricatures of Asian Gangsters...

As for the rest, well the movie did kept me interested, but i felt a bit like in a Nolan movie without the "Nolanization" as this movie had such a great concept and could had run 2 hours and a half but was super short... Also, its a bit disappointing i had the feeling Lucy was more likable before she got "juiced", after that she became such a stoic character.

In any case this review may seem a bit more on the negative, but actually i had a "good time" with the movie as it was entertaining and good for a pop corn movie, but it could had been so much more... thats where it hurts. And your lead is Scarlett Johanson... do a lot more with her cmon !! Anyway decent movie, not bad or anything, just not as great as i had hope. Could had use 45 mins more(at least) of run time, with maybe a couple more action sequences as well.

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Pretty fun really !!, 14 January 2015

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I manage to find this movie after seeing Mercenaries, a movie starring Zoe Bell and Kristanna Loken. I tough for a low budget from the Asylum it was pretty fun so i looked at Kristanna's latest movies and found this one.

Well when it comes to Kristanna, lets just say she is wasted... Any random good looking passable actress would had do, and don't expect her to do any action scenes in this. Very disappointing. Its like they somewhat casted her because of her name, but still is she that "known" really? I mean, its the kind of role you would expect a well known B-actress with a huge fan base to fill in. Pretty much like Cynthia Rothrock did in Mercenaries.

In any case, pass the initial disappointment for Kristanna, the movie was actually quite enjoyable. The lead actress is not only very hot, but had a pretty bad ass style and with a name like Mary Death, how can you go wrong? :) The other main actor was pretty likable, and his sidekick too. The action is very decent, there is a couple hot who looks a bit CGI too much but considering how gory and bloody they go, i was pretty satisfied with the overall style.

Some people said the acting was not too good, well i saw the movie dubbed in french, can't really comment but I'm usually not too hard on this, as anything passable suits me when it comes to B action movies.

Overall, saw it was based on a graphic novel, never heard of it, but it was pretty fun, a good fun pop corn action movie with likable leads and a story your interested in. That how those should be done !!

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