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Fright Night 2 (2013) (V)
The Remake of a Remake..., 16 July 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Honestly i clicked the spoiler box mostly because i am about to tell you that if you saw the original Fright Night, or even just the 2011 remake with Collin Farrel, well you saw this movie pretty much.

First of all its not a bad movie. There some special effects that could use some work at times (while others are pretty good) but other than that, i would say mostly everything in this movie is very decent production wise for a low budget DTV. The problem is, its just another remake of Fright Night from 1985. Don't take the "2" in title in consideration, its not a sequel at all, not even to the remake.

For example I spit on your grave 2 was pretty much a retelling of the remake, but it had different characters. Its one of those sequel that ditch the first movie characters and tell a very similar story as the first one but with slight difference. Fright Night 2 New Blood kinda do the same but use the same characters from the original and remake, only changing Jerry the male vampire for a "Gerri" female version. There is another slight change as now its not just a regular vampire but "Elisabeth Battory" herself. The problem is, this slight change does not affect much on how the movie flow. The same events as in the first movie appear almost in the same exact orders.

So as i said above the production is good, and ultimately the movie is not bad to watch at all, its a decent time, but its like somebody saw both the original, its sequel and the remake, and decided to do some kind of mash up of the 3 with his own vision, yet trying to remain truthful to the original, maybe a bit too much actually considering it was already remade 2 years before being also very close to the original. Don't get me wrong, i like when a remake stay truthful to its original, but when a remake was done 2 years before also staying close to its original, i feel its just too soon. It was even for me watching it in 2017.

But ultimately if you never saw any of the Fright Night movies, i would say this one is as valid as the other ones. I prefer the Farrel remake a bit more because i prefer the vampire neighbour set up rather than the exchange student one, and Peter Vincent was not only better portrayed but also more present in the movie.

Huh... OK, 7 July 2017

I decided to make a "review" because some peoples where making reviews like this was an actual movie... Its not even 2 minutes long !! This would be a nice bonus on the Neighbors 2 blu ray (maybe it is on it, i don't know) but nothing more... IMDb has the whole thing so just watch it if you liked Neighbors 1 and 2, but don't expect anything... I mean trailers are longer than this ;)

I guess i was just not the target audience..., 7 July 2017

I really like Seth Rogen's stuff. Pineaple Express and Superbad are among my favourite comedies of all time and his later efforts like The Night Before and Neighbors really made me laugh and where very enjoyable. Yet i always skipped this movie because i had a feeling it wouldn't be that funny. I stumble on it in one of those bargain bin in a video store, just the DVD with no case for 2$, so at that price... why not.

I watched the movie and well, it was what i expected, maybe even less funny. Its not to say the movie does not have qualities and i can totally understand another audience could actually like this movie, but for a Rogen fan expecting some crude humours and big jokes, this movie does not have much. Its just not really funny. I chuckles maybe 3 times trough the whole movie.

In the end there is nothing much i can say that has not been said already. This movie is not bad by any mean but i didn't enjoyed it, i was a bit bored at time, probably because i simply am not the target audience.

Altitude (2017)
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Its not a good movie but its still... enjoyable..., 25 June 2017

Honestly i got into this movie in the first act. The character played by Denise Richard is enjoyable and nice and you can really get behind her. The story is unfolding in a nice pace and all. The problems comes in the third act where heavy bad CGI is involved along some bad camera works and lightning, which are probably to hide the lack of budget, and at that point the movie is not as much entertaining to me. You look at this and at part you think "what is going on ?"

Despite this, i still think its a decent low budget Saturday night TV movie... There is nothing that is totally cringe worthy even if you must turn your brain off big time during the third act especially. And sure Air Force One is still by far a better movie, but its not horrible as some said in reviews.

I was never "bored" per say and i wanted to see how it would end.

Denise Richards may seem like an odd choice for this role as she is not really known for action roles, but i think she did the job fine, and even if she aged obviously since her Starship Troopers day, she still charmed me.

This movie is AVERAGE by a low budget standard. If you only crave big budget Hollywood production, do not give it a second look.

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So hard to review, good but bad at the same time..., 21 June 2017

I tried so hard to review this movie already. Made some reviews, saved them, erased them, started over. Its really complicated as part of me liked it while the other part really tough it was lacking so much to be a good movie. The cast is genuinely good, not only Van Damme but Daniel Bernhardt which, funny enough, was Van Damme replacement in the Bloodsport Franchise back in the days, but also played villains opposite the like of Keanu Reeves in John Wick or Chuck Norris in The Cuttter. Kris Van Damme, JC's son finally get some action role and even have a fight scene with his father.

But despite all of this... the movie failed to keep me interest at times. First of all the cinematography. I don't know if its to hide JCVD's old age or the lack of talents on some of the villains, but the movie suffer from a bunch of jump cuts and camera angle changes during fight scenes. Its not as bad as some of Steven Seagal movies of recent years but its still hurting the movie. The movie also include a lot of "signature spin kicks" which seem not so convincing in this day and age. Maybe Van Damme lost some speed too.

As for the story and characters... i think this is where the movie hurt the most for me. JCVD play once again a sad depressing character. On top of this the movie start with this character injured so he look even more tired and depress than other movies. Van Damme proved many thing he is good in roles that involve lots of personality and cheesy dialogue. I enjoyed so much his performances in Ennemies Closer and Welcome to the Jungle. He need to cut from the blank and depress characters, as he has not aged too well facially and look even worst when playing those roles.

Honestly he look 15 years older than the age of the character he is supposed to play in this movie.

Despite all of this, its not a bad movie. Its very basic low budget action flick, but surprisingly it revolve much more on martial arts than you would expect from JCVD in the current years which i appreciated. Sure there not the best fights filmed on screen, but its decent enough to keep you entertained. There is a few gun fights but there kept to a minimal.

Autumn Reeser is pretty decent and the other "big names" are mostly extended glorified cameos.

I would say its the kind of movie which is nice to watch once, as a rental or cable TV watch, but it won't leave a mark or anything on you and you won't remember it in T-Minus 2 days... as Jeremy would say.

Nothing to remember but a decent time., 21 June 2017

I was really interested in this movie because i really like Jason Biggs, i think the guy is genuinely funny and Sean William Scott is not the only main star of the American Pie Franchise. So yes his name meant something for me. Also i happen to know a bit about this "industry" showed in the movie i tough it would be funny to see what the writer and director had in store for the movie, especially considering the label "based on a true story".

I would say based on what i saw in reality some points of the movie are really stretched from reality but some other points are actually truthful.

Some of the exaggeration are meant as jokes and some hit it while others really missed the point. I think the movie is full of good ideas, some nicely done while others completely miss there target.

This had the potential to be another of those "awesome crazy nights" movies i like so much in the vein of "Superbad, Take me Home Tonight, 21 and Over etc", but in the end it lacked the juice to pull it off.

Yet its still entertaining and worth a watch, just not gonna become a classic...

The most complete fighter in the world is back !!!, 17 June 2017

The first movie i watched in the franchise was Undisputed 2 and despite liking the lead Michael Jai White a great lot, the bad guy Yuri Boyka played by Scott Adkins was clearly the highlight of the movie. I did came back and watch the first and tough it was OK but it never compared to part 2 and then part 3 was just like Undisputed 3 is a true master piece and is still my favourite martial art movie to this day.

I was a bit skeptical for part 4 at first, as Isaac Florentine was not directing and i wonder where they where going with the Boyka character, but fear not, not only is the director either really inspired or coached by Florentine that you barely see a difference ! I think they played the right cards also with the character and where to go with him. The movie is action pack and have much enough fights to keep you entertained all through.

As much as i can respect Scott wanting to play something else, HE IS Yuri Boyka and its clearly the character he shine into. Not only is he super likable personality wise but also his fighting is so bad ass.

The only blemish so far on this movie seem to be the marketing campaign which has been catastrophic. The movie barely getting any publicity, some weird release with different dates in every countries. I so hope its not gonna hurt the movie sales. I will probably buy like 5 blu rays just to make sure i encourage and support it enough, as i don't think they make much fine pieces of martial arts movies like this anymore.

The only thing i would had done differently is maybe the Martin Ford part. I guess they wanted to give Boyka a challenge that seem impossible to win, but then again he is Yuri Boyka.... I would has rather seen the main big bad more developed and charismatic rather than just a big grunting muscle mountain. Dolor was pretty good in part 3.

In any case i LOVED that movie, watch it, support it, it truly deserve it guys, if you love martial arts movies, trust me you will love this !

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As funny as the first one, 27 May 2017

The first Bon Cop Bad Cop played a lot on the humour of Quebec French meet Ontario English with a theme well known and love by every Canadians of every language, Hockey.

I had a little fear this second instalment was not gonna be as funny as the first one due of this hockey parody theme now gone, and the fact that both actor have aged quite a bit, but i was WRONG. Its as good as the first one and in some parts even surpass it.

Obviously in Quebec we don't have the budget of the American industry, so do not go see it hoping for a ton of special effects and explosions or stuff like that. There is some action but it is before everything else a comedy and in that regard it stand as a very good one and maybe even better than recent American comedies. It remind me a bit of Lethal Weapon with more humour and less action.

Honestly i don't go see much of our own Quebec Productions as i am spoiled by the Hollywood big budget industry, but when i rented the first one i really loved it, i bough the DVD and i watched many time, so i promised myself i was gonna see this one in theatre and i am very happy i did.

Logan (2017)
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Logan does not exist for me..., 23 May 2017

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

What do i mean by this? Well i refuse that the "Xmen Saga" end up on such a depressing note. Wolverine has always been the best part of the Xmen movies, and yet every attempt they made to make a solo movie felt flat. As much as it hurt me to say it, i feel Origins is probably the best of the 3, even with the insult to Deadpool... At least it was dumb fun... But The Wolverine was over complex for nothing and just bored me, and this one although not boring me per say felt so depressing and dull in atmosphere with such a bad story that i want to whip it out of my memory.

I am giving it a 5 because the movie does have quality. The acting is very good from everybody, the landscape and cinematography is great, the brutal action sequences are extremely good, finally seeing Wolverine brutally decapitate and slash peoples is very nice.

Yet the story is just so bad... Basically they tell you almost every mutants died because they poisoned the food... and Charles pretty much killed all the Xmen in one of his seizure moments. So it mean everything they accomplished during the years was almost for nothing... As much as i didn't liked that much Days of Futur past and tough it really changed too much, at least the end make it feel right by the franchise and give overall a happy ending, even retconing the deaths that happened in Last Stand.

I could go on and make a rant about how the story was changed so much during the years that it created tons of plot holes, especially with Charles in Last Stand and his return later on, but i prefer to focus on Logan and don't go too much all over the place. I just feel that there way of whipping out the Mutants was very weak, and the reasons for Wolverine to loose regeneration once again(was it not the theme of "The Wolverine"?) just didn't do it for me. Even without regeneration, is he not supposed to still have the Adamantium Skeleton? So why does a Tree manage to impale him? And the whole Adamantium bullet, from Origins to this change too much.

The clone villain really felt uninspired and flat and although Donald the henchman guy was presented as an important character and having "enchancements" in the end he and his men only served as claw fodder and did nothing much.

I am gonna stop there as i feel i could rant all day.

Strong movie, 5 April 2017

I am gonna make a short review of this one. I heard it was good and i always liked Mel Gibson so i tough why not? Premise looked great even tough it was direct to DVD. And sure thing it was good.

I tough there would be a bit more action in it, but the characters and story is actually pretty strong to keep you interest in the movie. So you could say a few pacing issues, but never big enough to distract you from enjoying it.

Gibson show that despite his age he can still kick ass and is in a great physical shape. Definitely recommend to see this movie once.

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