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I loved this movie and the song towards the end., 29 December 2013

I thought this movie that showed on ION was really cute. The movie is about a guy and a girl who reunite years later at a wedding. I thought the movie was cute and I like the actress Maria Sokoloff (The Flower Girl). Some parts were predictable but I like romance Christmas movies, and this is one of my favorites this year. She also tries to become close to her estranged mother who she has ignored for years. I like how she realizes things are not really up to her and can't force things to happen, which I liked about the movie. If anyone find or knows where I can get the song "Come on Let's find a way" played towards the end of the movie - it's sung by a guy and a girl, please let me know! Thanks!

Frozen (2013/I)
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Wonderful, 10 December 2013

We had to pay more to see a later showing but it was worth the $35. I felt like a little girl at Disneyland with the beautiful visuals and the interesting story line that's an adaption of The Snow Queen. The beginning of the story starts with history of the two sisters Anna and Elsa.

There is a beautiful twist towards the end (which I won't say! you gotta go see it!) and the movie not only has some cute humorous parts, but it has some really nice multiple messages in it. One important one I noticed is about love, true love is not a "high." (Listen carefully to love is an open door.

The movie was done beautifully. Disney did an excellent job!! Great family movie!

A Christmas Kiss (2011) (TV)
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so cute!, 23 December 2011

I really got into this Christmas TV movie. A young woman with bad luck with romance feels she'll never meet a great guy. She meets guy in elevator where they share a magical kiss who later turns out to be her boss' boyfriend.

The girl makes designs for her boss who is helping her boyfriend make a Christmas design for his house. I don't want to give too much away, but I was glued to this movie! This movie was very cute her boss was someone you love to hate! The movie wasn't too predictable and it had some really precious moments in it. Sweet movie you don't want to miss for Christmastime.

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not for those who get scared by aliens, 2 March 2011

The reason I give it three stars is I could relate to Candace Cameron in it and her relationship she had with her mom. This movie started out good creepy but and I kept watching it even thought I shouldn't got worse and worse as the daughter got probed by aliens. I can't totally blame this movie for my now sleep nightmare problems, since it was my choice to watch this TV movie, but I now yell in my sleep and had night terrors after seeing this movie. Will never watch this again. I don't recommend it to those who get scared by aliens as it was graphic or don't like sci-fi. This movie will never be in my household. I can't believe there is a TV movie that is as visual as this one!

"Blossom" (1990)
One of my all time favorite TV shows, 29 January 2008

I loved this show because I was a teenager at the time and now in my 20's I still love it because it brings back memories. Looking back now, I related to Blossom's situations and I have/had a huge crush on Joey Lawrence, especially when he blossomed! This show has good values, and is family oriented. I also like the guest stars on, but I don't know names, their faces look familiar. I especially like the Paris episodes when Blossom goes to try find her mother and the Beach Blossom Party episodes - they stand out the most to me. I think his Joey' real-life brothers are on one of the episodes, too. I wish this TV show lasted longer, at least until '96, this show is a blast to watch over again.

Prince for a Day (1995) (TV)
Great fun movie, 23 January 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I loved this TV movie because I like Joey Lawrence, I enjoyed the story line, and the script. It was also cool how the two characters relate to each other at the end of the movie. Joey Lawrence played two characters that switch, a modern version of The Prince and the Pauper. He plays a stuck-up rock star and a down-to-earth pizza delivery guy for a family restaurant. I'm a huge Joey Lawrence fan and this was my favorite movie of his! I loved the song Don't Lose Heart he performs, and wish I could buy the song and movie. If you're a Joey Lawrence fan, you won't be disappointed. This movie reminds me somewhat like the movies Vice Versa (1994) with Fred Savage, and George Burn's 18 Again!