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Caracas and her People, Looking Real Smart!, 21 December 2006

One of the most timely and engrossing documentaries, you'll ever watch. While the story takes place in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas, it provides an intimate look into political dynamics, that prevail throughout the western Hemisphere. While essentially another chapter in the story of the "U.S. backed, Latin American coup", this film chronicles in real-time, what can happen when the poorest people, are armed with unity, political savvy, and courage!

The political insights offered by this film are invaluable. One gets clear examples of the private media, as a formidable force for mass deception and propaganda. We see the poor people of Caracas grappling with the brutal realities of "American politics". One gets a clear sense of impending doom, if the people fail to address the blatant tyranny, which has been abruptly, and illegally, thrust upon them by the conspirators. We also see the arrogance and fascism, of the CIA backed, private media, plutocrats, and generals, who've conspired to bring Venezuela back under Washington's domination. Though ably led by President Hugo Chavez, the people of Caracas are forced to act without him, after Chavez was forcibly kidnapped by renegade generals. Their response is the highpoint of the film. If one seeks an excellent portrait of what the U.S. government, Hugo Chavez, and revolutionary Venezuela, are all about, this movie is it!

Gaza Strip (2002)
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Obliterates The Propaganda Commonly Obscuring This Issue, 4 August 2006

In this documentary, James Longley completely obliterates the blatant pro-Zionist propaganda which conceals the true plight of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. He provides a heart rending portrait of the barbarity and racism that makes this tragedy possible. The Gazans relate in their own words, their suffering at the hands of the Israelis and an indifferent "international community" which includes some of the more prosperous Arab nations. This is a must see video for anyone wishing to really understand what is going on in Gaza as well as the Palestinian/Israeli conflict as a whole. You'll see the unadulterated truth as it plays out each day from the viewpoint of the children. If you look and listen carefully, you'll also see the potential future of humanity at the hands of the rich and powerful special interests, who're right now working hard to turn the clock of human history back to the middle ages.

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The Tragedy That Results, When Truth Collides With Religion, 3 January 2007

This documentary is a classic study of the tragedy that invariably occurs when religious dogma collides with actual facts. Normally the two rarely cross paths, because people are loath to submit cherished beliefs to the light of objective analysis. This is especially the case with religicized issues like the Holocaust. Regardless of what one thinks of this issue, there is always at least two sides to every event in human history, the Holocaust is no exception.

While everyone has been made aware of the Zionist version of what occurred in Nazi camps such as Auschwitz, there has always been another side to this story, that has never been allowed a fair hearing! Suppression, slander, and relentless propaganda, has relegated this alternative version of events, to relative obscurity. Enter Mr. Leuchter, his honesty and professionalism, allowed him to meticulously investigate the fundamental premise of an issue that has literally become a religion in itself! Unlike his hopelessly biased opponents, he was able to remain completely objective throughout this very trying ordeal. The result was perhaps the first completely independent assessment of the merits of the issue of homicidal gas chambers in the Holocaust. Regardless of how one feels about this, Leuchter's investigation produced conclusive scientific results, that prove the infamous homicidal gas chambers in places like Auschwitz show no traces of cyanide gas! This can only be the case, if this central claim of the Holocaust, was false to began with! This of course is not out of the question, since the Holocaust has been of immeasurable political and economic value to Zionist interests.

On the other hand, Leuchter's findings are a bolt of lightning in the name of truth, over blind belief, and finally sets the record straight, after these many years of erroneous history about the Holocaust. While most true holocaust believers have no use for these disturbing facts, those who understand that the truth is always of greater value, than any political agenda or belief, will welcome these startling revelations. This of course has nothing to do with hatred of Jews, but everything to do with historical revision, and correcting erroneous views of an important period of human history. As with anyone who goes against the powerful forces of political and religious orthodoxy, Mr. Leuchter paid a high price for his honesty and steadfast expression of the right of free speech. The contrast between Leuchter and the lab scientist who chose to protect himself and his company, by conveniently attempting to sabotage the results of his own unbiased tests, could not be greater! This is after all, what most men would do when facing the wrath of such ruthless foes. Leuchter on the other hand, courageously stood his ground, as a man of honesty, and integrity, in the face of a Holocaust industry, intent on crushing those who dare to question the accepted teaching on the Holocaust. For those hopelessly biased in favor of the orthodox Holocaust narrative, this film will be of little value. For those who remain of open mind, and able to appreciate the considerable loss of freedom in the west, to powerful special interests and pressure groups, this film provides a sobering look at the lengths the high and mighty will go, to destroy the lives of honest men, as well as how the hatred of those completely blinded by their beliefs, serves as another weapon, in the fight against the truth.

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The Greatest Evil Often Masquerades as the Greatest Good, 26 February 2007

This is an excellent historical drama about abuses in an Irish Catholic Convent of the Magdalene order. Whistleblowers have been coming out with tales of abuse in Catholic facilities, for well over a century! While largely ignored, such tales have unfortunately been confirmed, in the massive scandals of recent years. This film essentially chronicles the incredible abuse, and sadism, which took place, behind the pious facade of one such Catholic institution. The screenplay here is noteworthy, in how it masterfully brings this true-life historical drama to the screen, building the drama to an unforgettable climax! The film also forcefully illustrates some key truths:

1. Power corrupts, absolute power, corrupts absolutely!

2. The horrendous evil of blind faith, especially when exploited by powerful organizations.

3. How many of those who consider themselves "good" are willing, or unwilling, accomplices of this evil.

4. How easy it is, for the greatest evil, to masquerade as the greatest good.

At the end of the day however, the film reaffirms one of the most important eternal truths of all:

Blind faith enslaves, while critical thinking, sets us free!

The Take (2004)
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End Results of Globalization, and What to Do About It!, 10 January 2007

The Take is one of the most informative economic and political documentaries currently available. The issues Ms. Klein and her colleagues chronicle, are of extreme importance for anyone seeking to gain a factual understanding of today's most pressing economic and political issues. Argentina had been a poster child for the globalization and neoliberal economic policies promoted by the U.S., the World Bank, and the IMF. While these policies are still being widely hailed by the mainstream media as the wave of the future, their truly destructive nature is actually understood by very few. This film allows the viewer to witness the catastrophic economic and political challenges that brought Argentina to it's knees, and the inspired solution implemented by Argentinian workers, as they rallied from the depths of economic and political despair, to redeem themselves from the clutches of corrupt politicians, and global financiers.

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The Challenge of Rising Above Ethnic Stereotypes, 19 March 2007

This is a wonderful film, that deals with the challenges of ethnic stereotypes and the cultural biases that go with them. Stereotypes are a definite by-product of culture, yet for the most part, usually the worst expressions of a particular culture. In adhering to our birth culture we invariably absorb certain stereotypes, and biases, without even realizing it. People therefore become stereotypical to a greater or lesser degree, depending upon their independence of thought, and self-awareness. The less independent minded, or self aware we are, the more stereotypical we may become.

Two Family House is a very well-crafted drama, involving interactions between, an Italian couple, an Irish couple, and an anonymous African American man. The chain of events triggered by their interaction, gives birth to a beautiful love story involving the Italian husband of one couple, and the Irish wife and her child, of the other. Challenged by events that pushes them to the limits of their respective cultural sensibilities, the film portrays how these individuals for various reasons, either succumb to, or transcend, the biases, they were born into. The beauty of the movie is that it shows that through tremendous effort and resolve, it's quite possible to break free of cultural stereotypes, and the irrational hate, that invariably goes with them.

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Beautifully Captures the Epic Tale of Ali vs Foreman, 9 March 2007

'When We Were Kings', is one of those rare cinematic treats, that occurs when a good filmmaker latches on to an epic tale in the making. Just about everyone at the time, expected Foreman to demolish Ali, as he had done to both, Joe Frazier and Ken Norton. To many, Ali was washed up, and just asking for the whipping of his life! George Foreman up until then, had proved to be such a consummate destroyer of quality heavyweights, the dread of Ali's impending defeat, was noticeable in the commentary of both George Plimpton, and Norman Mailer. This enhanced the drama and foreboding, of this classic struggle, romantically set in the Central African nation of Zaire. Epic tales of course require epic figures, and through it all, Ali commands center stage. We see him at the height of his powers, charming, witty, and above all, revealing the immense champion's heart, that made him "The Greatest"! 'When We Were Kings' beautifully captures the epic boxing story, known as the 'Rumble in the Jungle'!