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Hollywood should grab this, 2 December 2016

It was not the first time, but yet another case of feeling extremely proud of being South African.

Anna Mart is brilliant in her role as Clara - I feel that many women would be able to relate to her character.

This was our local equivalent of Julia Roberts in a sense - Anna Mart played the part beautifully and with believable conviction.

This movie had a Hollywood feel to it already - it is waiting to be grabbed and hopefully then it can get the recognition it deserves.

This country has brilliant writers, actors, producers and directors and I wish that somehow a larger audience could be introduced to it.

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It is a suspense film, give it a chance., 2 November 2012

Forget the naysayers. This film wasn't shot on a shoestring production like Blair Witch, and it is not a big budgeted Hollywood Blockbuster either. It is a legitimate attempt at a decent suspense and should be given a fair chance in a Tinseltown-dominated environment where smaller independent film makers have great ideas which never see the light.

Everyone was nailed to their seats until the end, and that is what a suspense film is supposed to do. It is not a horror slasher, but I'd bet a fair amount that if someone tapped me on the shoulder during the film, I'd be in a row closer to the front.

I would say that character progression could have been a bit more emphasized, that's my only gripe.

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An intricate epic on the complicated relationship between 3 'brothers', 6 March 2008

This is not Crouching Tiger. It's as good as Hero,House of Flying daggers. You wont be amazed by the CGI special effects. You will be stunned by the intense constant evolution of the story line and relationships between 3 men who have much to learn from each other.

I don't wanna spoil further. I want to say that i am really disappointed in the west for turning a blind eye to eastern movies in general. This movie is an epic. It deserves 20 000 votes. I cannot believe some of the movies that reach Nr 1 at the Box Office when only a relative few informed bothering with movies like this.

This is some timeless movie making.

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Enjoy South Park and Family Guy?, 21 December 2004

This is an totally original script. It is in the vein of south park, because of it offending a lot of groups. It does not tend to the "reality TV" experience that much, what i mean by that is the way you see the program, is not from obscure camera angles, and there is no big brother from the outside speaking to them. the characters are well thought out, and initially true to the original character types they misguidedly portray, e.g. a princess type, with a bit of a dark side. the super hero, with a super libido.

this program is a fresh breeze, i reckon it will be boycotted by minor religious groups, prob just like south park was. They pretty much cover everything in this program,religion, sex, racism. Some people just believe it shouldn't be in a show. You'll think back about an episode and think, hey because of moral values, i shouldn't be laughing at that part, but damn it was pretty funny.