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Better suited to the Hallmark Channel, 27 April 2016

Went to a screening last night and kept checking my watch, hoping the movie was finally over. It's nearly two, very long hours. The film is so weak that I cannot help but wonder who in their right mind green-lighted this thing? There are so many stories going on in the flick that there is zero character development and all remain cardboard cutouts at best. Even Margo Martindale, a favorite of mine, failed to amuse me. As for Aniston and Hudson, they could really benefit from acting lessons. The crowd at the screening laughed only a couple of times, and not every seat was filled for this free showing. That's a bad sign for a movie. Save your money - this should be headed to the Hallmark Channel momentarily.

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WOW - wasn't expecting such an exceptional young star!, 9 December 2011

I had the privilege of being invited to a screening today and was completely blown away by this movie! Forget the big name stars in this - except the extraordinary Viola Davis who is brilliant in whatever she does. This movie totally hinges on young Thomas Horn, whose performance took my breath away. Yes, I teared up at several moments, but the movie does not stoop to the over-wrought sentimentality that a movie like "War Horse" does. Instead, it takes you on an incredible journey and this young actor so embodies the lead, every emotion, every challenge. I think it really honors 9/11 in the same way that "Reign on Me" did. I am thankful I took the time out in the middle of a work day to go to the screening. I hope this movie does well because it sure made my day. Now I really want to read the book!

Whiteout (2009)
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Will go Straight to DVD, 9 September 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I sat through a screening tonight and kept wondering who in Hollywood has this kind of money to waste making a dull movie. No real suspense or surprises. Just the usual plot device where you are led to suspect one person and the person who you are led to least suspect is the one! Along the way, Kate Beckinsale is so unconvincing as a cop. Of course, I did hear that in an recent interview she whined about how hard it is to run in snow boots.

I predict this will open and close and go straight to the DVD. It is my understanding that less movies are being made today than even a year ago. I hope this is no indication of the quality we will have to expect from Hollywood.

Extract (2009)
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Don't waste your money, 1 September 2009

I saw Extract at a screening tonight and was amazed that the talent assembled as the cast could make such a dull flick. If it would not have been for the small role played by Gene Simmons in one scene, I might have fallen asleep. The movie was slow, dull, and lifeless, and far too many characters were uninteresting including Ben Affleck's.

I was trying to remember when it was that Ben Affleck last made a decent movie. His dry spell could be the longest on record.

The discussion boards keep mentioning the gigolo stealing the movie, and if he did, then I must have missed that completely. He was just another dull character - not funny, not interesting.

If you must, you can always rent this movie. The name Miramax used to indicate quality film making. Not any more! The investors in this bomb should demand their money back.

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Dreadful Bore!!, 30 May 2006

If it wouldn't have been for Judy Davis's campy performance and the always interesting Vincent D'Onofrio, I would have walked out of the screening I attended. For those of you who enjoy endless arguments and high drama relationships, then perhaps this is the movie for you. You might pick up some immensely immature pointers on how to get back at someone in a relationship. Otherwise, skip this overly long, pointless movie that makes poor use of some interesting cast members. Movies like this also make me wonder what Jennifer Anniston plans to do with her career when they run out of "Friends" like movie plots for her to be cast in.

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Awesome sights!, 29 November 2005

This movie was like going on vacation. Gorgeous mountains in Alaska, great rocking music, and a hell of a story about the birth and development of snowboarding. I found it very entertaining, and could look at the landscapes all night long. Plenty of things I didn't know about the development of the sport as it came along after my snow skiing days were over. Great athletes with wild attitudes - lots of old footage of competitions as well as X Games clips - the art of capturing this footage as if your were on the board yourself is a great rush for a middle-aged lady like me. I'll be taking some friends to see this one.

Shark Tale (2004)
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Drown It!, 30 September 2004

I sat through a screening filled with small kids and their parents. The kids were like me, mostly silent and very bored. I can't recall having laughed once through this cliché script that can't decide who its audience is. The kids never laughed either, or related to the characters up on the screen. The whole hip-hop culture element is too "old" for little ones and just plain stupid for adults. So, perhaps the target audience is urban youth, but what makes the moviemakers believe that urban youth would go to a children's animated movie? Don't waste your money or your children's time on this shamelessly bad flick. It should be gone from theaters rapidly anyway.

Ladder 49 (2004)
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Burned beyond recognition, 30 September 2004

Saw this unremarkable film at a screening a month ago and kept wondering when the thing would finally end. Dull, dull, dull. The screening was packed with firefighters - lots of eye candy - and they sat through the movie without any emotion, enthusiasm, or much interest. The story moves along at first and then stalls with endless contrived back story before the hero can finally, and blessedly, meet his fate. I struggled to stay awake.

I sure am glad I didn't burn through any of my own hard earned dollars to see Travolta sleep walk through another forgettable film. What a waste of talent.