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A more humane Superman, 6 February 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Superman is a unique comics character to me in that I prefer his on-screen incarnations to the comic-books. The original films succeeded largely due to Christopher Reeve's performance. Hell, I'll even sit through Superman IV purely on the strength of it. Just. Well... it's better than Shumacher's 2 Bat films anyway.

Without Reeve I didn't hold much hope for Returns. Okay, Singer did good on the X series, but I still had my doubts.

However, against the odds, Superman Returns has done something I never thought possible. It's made me like Superman again.

At first viewing, Routh doesn't stand out. But after a 2nd and 3rd watch... he is a great Superman. Where Reeve made him a nice, likable, heroic figure, Routh brings a subtle, vulnerable appeal to him, no mean feat for a character who is pretty much invulnerable, bullet-proof, can fly at the speed of light...

There is a great scene, when you see him suspended above the Earth, listening to all the sounds in the world, and you realise he has very little in his life, except to wait for a crime to happen. He can't ever truly fit in, he doesn't relax at home, and, other than his mother, he has no-one to offload what is essentially a planet sized burden. He is alone. BUT, he also gives Superman something else. There is some selfishness in his actions. He tells Lois that he hears people crying for a saviour every day, but... equally he seems to revel in the attention. His efforts to 'woo' Lois all over again by taking her on the ultimate flight over Metropolis are undoubtedly showing off on his part. Similarly, when he eavesdrops on the Lane household, it's a misuse of his powers if ever there was one.

And I liked it.

He's always been too perfect, too incorruptible. Singer, the writers, and Routh have added something sorely lacking in the character for 80 odd years. Flaws!

Some genuine humanity. Not bad for a Kryptonian.

My only criticism... as another reviewer pointed out, who IS it aimed at? Along with Star Wars, the original Superman was one of the first movies I ever saw at the cinema, I was 4 or 5 at the time. I suspect people my age will appreciate Returns more than those the merchandising was aimed at.

Signs (2002)
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The twist is... you've been suckered once again, 23 May 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

How does this film merit a 7 rating?

M Night Shyamalan seems to have carved an unspectacular niche in his own little 'tales of the unexpected' series. Everything about this film seems to have been done as an afterthought. No, it's not scary. No, it contains no real action to speak of. No, it's characters are not developed beyond a contrived subplot (or rather, only plot) of a preacher losing faith. Shyamalan seems to try so hard to present the amazing in an unamazing manner, that the result is... just dull (The Village is a prime example of his 'technique').

As for the infamous water storyline, I don't want to hear about it being a metaphor, or it's the germs or whatever other excuse you can dream up to justify bad storytelling. These are the facts:

Aliens vastly superior to us invade Earth, but are allergic to water. EARTH. A planet that is something like 70% water, populated by humans (also largely made up from water) who cry water when upset (a handy defence against these invaders eh?). Oh, and it has been known to rain here from time to time.

There's a hell of a lot more pollution in the air than in our water, but hey. Don't tell the scriptwriter. He's trying to be clever.

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Genuinely scary dreams... or are they?, 31 January 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As some reviewers have pointed out, it is a slow film, nothing in particular happens for much of the duration. However it is so well shot, eerily so, that the slowness works in its favour. In fact it perfectly sums up the main characters life until he discovers the whistle.

The dream sequences, while brief, are the most genuinely terrifying scenes I've seen in a film, like something out of a nightmare. The sound effects are gruesome too, like he can't get the words out.

If you're after blood, gore and music-video editing, this isn't for you. But if you want to feel unsettled, it's perfect.

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The only film I've ever seen that genuinely scared me, 21 August 2005

By now there can't be anyone that hasn't seen, or at least knows the basic premise of The Blair Witch Project.

A film made to look like a documentary made by 3 college students about an urban legend.

All I will say is this: If you haven't seen it yet, watch it by yourself at night, and tell me you don't feel goosebumps, particularly during the last 5 minutes of the film. I hadn't seen it in a couple of years, literally just finished watching it... I know what happens, and STILL it gives me chills.

There's no FX, no flashy camera work, no witch(!)... and yet it's the most genuinely scary movie I've ever seen. I don't mean you jump because a door bangs, I mean you actually feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand up because... you don't see a damn thing. That is a rare experience.


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A PG rated MTV version of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Without the massacre., 19 August 2005

I've been waiting so long to get round to seeing this movie, and now that I have?

Thank God I bought it cheap on Amazon.

Is it supposed to be a horror film, a spoof, what? I don't know. What it is, is dull. When nothing had happened by about the half way mark, I thought great, they're obviously building to a gross out climax. Imagine my surprise when the credits rolled. It's a horror movie without suspense, without gore, without... HORROR! The family are obviously psychos, they obviously kill a lot of people.

What a shame that doesn't make it on screen. What you get is 2 hours of clichéd 'mad folk', and one girl in particular screaming non-stop.

Credit where it's due; on the back of the DVD case it reads 'harks back to a golden age when horror really meant horror and the guarantee of cinematic shocks was more of a threat than a promise'.

They weren't lying! I thought it was a typo!

Lame. Anyone want to buy a second hand DVD?

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Lightsabers! Robots! Spaceships! Aliens! Bounty Hunters! Etc! Yes, it's Star Wars., 31 January 2005

Stick a lightsaber in a movie and I'm happy. Seriously. Not a biased review whatsoever. 10 years after the battle of Naboo (in The Phantom Menace) Anakin has grown into a talented Jedi, though very reckless. He also has all the traits teenagers have- moody, irresponsible, fancies the pretty senator... that kind of thing. Obi Wan's becoming increasingly concerned over his Padawans behaviour, while the Jedi Council struggle to keep the peace as the galaxy appears to be on the brink of war. Amidala, former Queen of Naboo and now senator, is placed under protection of the Jedi after an assassination attempt- unfortunately her 'Jedi bodyguard' can't necessarily be trusted...

Boo hoo if you want to moan about prequels, Ewoks, Jar Jar, Anakins ghost, directors re- edited special ultimate redux DVD editions, whatever. Star Wars rocks. Fact. The film hardly lets up pace from the chase through Coruscant to Obi Wan's Raymond Chandler-esquire investigation into the development of a clone army (the precursor to the Stormtroopers of the original trilogy) to the finale when war is declared and just about the biggest Jedi showdown ever (so far). And I won't even mention what happens when you mess with Anakins mother...

Classic tale of good versus evil, jaw dropping special effects, plenty of that'll-tie-in-to- Episode-IV-nicely moments...

And you think Episode II was good? Vader's back in the next one!