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A great comedy/thriller, 9 July 2006

I think this is an underrated classic. A story of gold,double-cross,love,revenge and death all served up with great humour nicely by the main characters. The acting is great especially Forest Whittaker as the loser who eventually comes good. Robin Givens is superb and sexy in this role as she steals the gold from her partners and goes on the run. The late great Gregory Hines is also in top form as Whittaker's brother who is only interested in the gold at first. Badja Djola plays a memorably vicious villain and Danny Glover pops up as a rival gangster who "had another dream" about Givens - much to the fury of Djola. This film has some great comic moments. The music score by Elmer Bernstein is also superb.

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Possibly the best horror/comedy..., 5 June 2006

An excellent horror/comedy with a superb performance from that master of horror himself,Mr Vincent Price. There are some memorable murder sequences based on Shakespeare plays. The black humour is devilish and Price utters each fiendish line with true menace. To have assembled such a supporting cast for this film is truly remarkable including the likes of Jack Hawkins/Harry Andrews/Michael Hordern/Arthur Lowe/Ian Hendry. But it is the late,great Price who steals the show as the dastardly Lionhart. If you love horror with a twist of humour a pinch of Shakespeare and Vincent Price then this is the film for you. And let us not forget Diana Rigg who looks as ravishing as ever!

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A true classic!, 5 June 2006

What a great film. Brought to us by the director of Beverly Hills Cop,another classic. For me this is one of DeNiro's most underrated films and Charles Grodin gives his best performance here. Also John Ashton as the inept bounty hunter Marvin,Yaphet Kotto as FBI agent Mosley and Joe Pantoliano as Eddie the bail bondsman are superb. All other supporting roles are played to perfection. The comedy timing and one liners are brilliantly delivered especially by tough guy DeNiro. Many films of this genre come and go but this film will certainly not be forgotten. This is a marvellous film that will never be tedious to watch. This is a film that has to be seen to be fully appreciated.

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Do mini series' get better than this?, 25 August 2004

I first remembered seeing part of an episode of this TV mini series when I was very young. My dad was a fan and I remember one or two moments from a particular episode which had stayed with me. It was until nearly twenty years later that I saw the whole series in all its glory. I was absolutely blown away. The acting is of the finest caliber with all the major players executing their roles with such conviction that you actually believe that these people were the Roman aristocracy. The stellar cast really is first rate and that applies to the major actors right through to the supporting characters who are all superb. The script is completely gripping with every scene getting better and better with some vicious humour thrown in. Some people may be put off as this mini series goes back almost thirty years and is not filled with the spectacular computer generated effects that are all to often visible in todays programes and films. That said if you enjoy Roman history or if you enjoy political intrigue,scandal,murder,plots and treason then this really is a must see. **********10 stars.