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A decent representation of bluegrass music in the 1990s., 25 August 2004

This documentary seems to continue where "High Lonesome" left off in the 1980s. We get some philosophical comments from Peter Rowan, an it is great to see a female like Hazel Dickens get her just rewards and due recognition. It is also fun to see today's bluegrass/newgrass stars Chris Thile, Josh Williams and Michael Cleveland in their early years. The documentary centers around an IBMA convention and the unique atmosphere that is present. There are very few musical genres that can generate such wonderful artist/fan interaction. Moreover, the addition of the Russian bluegrass band Kurkuruza shows how this "American" music genre has effected worldwide music appreciation. Personalities who come across in a pleasing manner include Tim O'Brien, Pete Wernick, Doc Watson, Peter Rowan, Hazel Dickens, and Eddie Stubbs.