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Being a gay man and a movie buff I've seen plenty of gay/queer movies. So I decided to rank all the ones I've seen. After making this list I realized I'm lacking in the lesbian movies..
I'll keep updating this list as I see more movies.
When this list started it had 69 movies on it.
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There's many users on this site. Some items have well over 500,000 ratings from the users. These are some titles that deserve some more people rating them. Yes, there's plenty more that could be listed and I'll add more as some leave the list.
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These are my top 250 movies of all time choices. Needless to say, like the top 250 there's no documentaries here, but unlike the site's official list there's only one entry per franchise (only one Godfather, only one from the Dollars or Star Wars trilogy, etc). These films may not be the best made, some are quite low budget, some are B movies, but some movies excell at entertainment value as well, making this list hard to judge and sort. Some days some movies feel like they should be highier on the list, other days, lower. But oh well, enjoy.