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OK, so this isn't "Casablanca", 25 February 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

OK, so this isn't the greatest film ever made, but not all films have to be Shakespeare to be entertaining. I mean, have you seen some of the garbage big stars make today? It's not all for the Oscars, believe me. This one of those great movies you can actually enjoy for a few hours. An early popcorn flick - like all the disaster films were.

In this sequel, Jack Lemmon plays the ever-present Heroic Captain who must save the day as his ship gets a) hijacked, b) crashed into the ocean and c) lost by the search planes. Sure, the plot's out there - no way would a plane not break apart under the ocean, etc, etc, but who cares? Sure, the ending's basically a commerical for the NAVY. It's all fun - and tasteful fun - not the tacky, cheap, makes-you-feel-like-you've-killed-brain-cells-by-watching feel of "The Swarm" or "Airport 75" or "79".

The best bits are the action scenes - when the hijackers take over, when the plane crashes into the ocean and the thrilling rescue mission at the end. I was LITERALLY on the edge of my chair!

My favorite parts were really the relationships on the plane. Sure, they were underwritten and great actors were ill-used (*ehm* Christopher Lee, Olivia De Havilad and Joseph Cotton), but there were hints of realism there. The touching love between the piano player and Kathleen Quinlan. The lovely reunion between rich folks De Havilad and Cotton (and she looked so dignified when tumbling around in the sinking craft!). The sweet 70's romance between Jack Lemmon and Brenda V. (and she was more James Stewart's secetary then Head Stewardess!). I think I liked that relationship the most because they did seem to have actual chemistry - something that was lacking in even the great "Airport".

OK, so this isn't Oscar material, but it's a great popcorn flick right up there with "Towering Inferno" and "Poseidon Adventure". The actors do seem to take themselves seriously (well, except for the bitchy wife of rich chap Christopher Lee, Lee Grant) and aren't totally phoning in their performances. Lemmon gives the best performance here and he seems to relish the role of hero. Good for him to break the mold! Too bad he couldn't do it more often.

BOTTOM LINE: A darn good action flick that ranks up there with "Towering Inferno" and "Poseidon Adventure". Watch this if you want to be thrilled and watch the time fly by.

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You must watch this show!, 14 December 2004

"House" is one of the best new shows of the season that no one is watching.

Yes, it is another medical drama (and haven't we seen enough of those?) but what this show lacks in originality it makes up in character. Namely - Dr. Greg House.

House is a cranky, cynical highly intelligent doctor with a limp that specializes in weird medical cases. Each week he, and his team of fresh faced young doctors, tackle some new medical mystery. With the use of CSI camera views and mouth-numbing medical jargon, the show tries not to bore you to tears with the specific case.

Still, though the cases are entertaining and puzzling, that's not why you should watch this show.

Unlike most stale TV cop/medical/lawyer shows out there, "House" doesn't focus on the cases alone. Week by week we actually get a chance to...GASP!...learn about the characters! But the character that everyone will be obsessed with his Hugh Laurie's Dr. House.

House, even though cranky and unlovable, is a sweet guy at heart. He's the type of guy you want curing you. Though he rarely visits his patients, at least he doesn't sugar coat things for you. He will call you an idiot to your face and you'll love him for it. Each time you watch you'll want to know what else he likes besides "General Hospital" and Vicadin pills.

Dr. House is hiding out Tuesday nights at 8pm amid all the other bored-with-their-jobs characters. Whenever you're sick of case obsessed Gil Grissom or any Law and Order detective, tune into "House".

I promise you'll at least leave with a fresh feeling in your brain.