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These females work very hard for that great figure, that they love to show off. So let's take a look 'em.

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A list of Women That I think are not hard on the eyes, at all.

List in no particular order!!!
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Just another one of my random list: This one showing fight scene stills that I like, from various movies and T.V. shows. (no particular order.)

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My List celebrating the women of cinema, who know how to handle themselves, with tools that inflict damage or harm. Better known as "Weapons".
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You know, these are the movies your probably embarrassed to let anyone know you like. Because these movies are generally very bad(but not all the time in some rare cases, some are just misunderstood). You know that the movie is bad or disliked by many. But for some reason, the given movie just draws you to it.

Here are some of my favorites.
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A list of the WORST movies I have ever seen in my life. The only green light these movies should have seen, is from the view of a car about to drive into a river!! Here We go...............

If you want an explanation on why I chose whichever movie, just let me know. You'll have it.

(List will be updated regularly.)
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These particular actors don't have the commercial success as say,Jackie Chan or Van Damme(early career). When they are in the big movies, it's usually just as an extra or for stunt work. And when they are the star, it's almost always in straight to DVD movies. But their Martial Arts skills are top notch, just the same.

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You know. When a movie gets a surprise visit from someone you don't expect. It's usually always just in one scene. For my list, the person doesn't have to be an actor. They just have to be an celebrity. Here are my personal favorites.........

Soft spoilers ahead: meaning I'm giving away the movie the giving celebrity is in. Not exact details of why they are in the movie.
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Just a list of a few Directors that I feel don't get the proper type of recognition that they deserve. For the contribution to film that they have made, over the years.
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You Got your Big Flat screen HD TV, Blu Ray Player(or high quality DVD player), 5.1(or higher) surround sound. Now it's time to test it..............

Here is in my opinion, some of the best Looking and/or Sounding movies you should have, if you are a Home theater owner.

(Movies listed in no particular order. List will be updated regularly)
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These are movies with really good or even great fight scenes. That for some reason slip under the radar when the topic of movie fights comes up.
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When You know a actor(or actress) has no business in a certain role. Or just the movie period.
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These are movies that have that one scene that sticks out. But the rest of the movie just doesn't measure up. Most of these movies are bad, with an good scene. Sometimes it can even be an overall good movie with an great scene, But in most cases, they are usually bad movies.

Warning!! Spoilers below!!!
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These are characters that should have gotten the Respective actor or actress who played them nominated for, or even won an Oscar in some cases.