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What happened?, 13 August 2013

OK So the first Season of True Blood I give it 10, it was great the way it was filmed and the storyline, The show itself had great potential and was getting better and better as the season progressed. I was left Wanting more. Season 2 was OK i give it a 8.5 just because the whole maenad thing was kinda stupid. Season 3 though was by far my favorite, because the werewolves finally came to break havoc on True Blood. The only thing that was kinda stupid was the whole redneck family were-panthers. but other then that i give that season and 9.2 it could have been a 10 but the whole were panther thing was stupid. Season 4 i give an 8.2 for the sole purpose that Sookie was now more intune with her fairy powers. Season 5 i give it an 8 because there was no true villain, other then the Vampires in general. Season 6 started OK but it went to a shithole. The direction the filming it seems like it was done by amateurs. Especially Season 6 episode 9, the parts where the cast was remembering Terry Bellefleur, they could have used scenes of season 1 and make new ones but very minimal. This season is interesting but by far the worst in terms of filming and direction goes. my rating for season 6 is a 6.8 The budget looks like crap. seems like a movie for the scifi channel. Lets Hope Alan Ball comes back to make this show better!

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A Soap Opera with a nice edge to the story., 30 January 2013

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So I used to watch this Novela when i was in Mexico last year and i gotta say that is better then Por Ella soy Eva. This Novela starts off with Jesus who lives in Chicago and is not aware that he has a daughter. Which he later finds out by a friend of his who tells him by showing Jesus a facebook page on Jesus's ex girlfriend, who happens to have a daughter that looks very much like Jesus. So Jesus tries to go see her but is quite impossible due to his finances. Not lucky for him that he crashes his bike to a Limo of a wealthier man, who gives him cash on the spot in oder for him not to get sued, and offers Jesus his help. Who Later comes to terms and decide to give him a call and and so Jesus if offered a plane ticket to Monterey MX to go see his daughter in return he has to take a suitcase with him that belongs to an associate of his wealthier friend. Anyways you would have to wait to watch this Novela it OK some of the acting is horrible but having Blanca Soto makes up for it. It is a Comedy Novela it has funny moments and not so funny characters as well. But I do recommend it better then the current Novela on the time spot por Ella Soy Eva.