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The Last of Us' movie counterpart has officially been announced, and I - like many other fans of the game - have taken it upon myself to devise a cast list that I think would be ideal for maintaining an atmosphere true to that of the tale's original medium. Of course I intend to tweak some actors here and there as I watch films and inspiration sparks changes in my opinions. Thus far, the two actors I am most passionate about (as far as their respective roles listed below are concerned) are Hugh Jackman and John Hawkes.
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This list contains many titles that offer beautifully imagined dystopian otherworlds that convey both a sense of defeat and a longing for hope through their environments, governments (or lack thereof), and characters. While some may not be as obviously dystopian as others, they all possess some form of the sub-genre's attributes.
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Just as the title suggests, this list compiles a number of titles that provoke thoughts on what it means to be a good person or a bad person. I thought this list would be worthwhile to make not only because the category is unique, but because the concept of "good vs. evil" makes for an interesting sub-genre.