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Dune in someone else's words., 20 December 2012

This anime was thematically very similar to Dune and pretty good, perhaps for that reason. I'm not one for writing any sort of review, but this little gem deserves some attention. Director Hiroshi Nishikiori brought to life a fairly intense, large world and Natsumi Itsuki (writer/artist) populated it with characters with realistic motivations and complex needs. There was the occasional time where I questioned someone's motivation and didn't get a proper answer, but such is to be expected when browsing netflix for interesting unknowns. My only other reasonably-sized complaint has to do with the slow start of the series. It takes a few episodes before the plot really gets going, which is a bit of a problem when the series is only 11 episodes long. If you have 4 hours to kill, this one is worth the time investment. I sincerely hope that Natsumi Itsuki and Hiroshi Nishikiori will offer us more like this in the coming years.