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Casanova (2005)
A great little story, 18 February 2007

Although I had no intention or excitement to watch the film, I decided to give the movie a chance simply because I knew I would see some shots of Venice would be spectacular (and there were plenty.) Instantly I loved this film when I realized that this movie wasn't to be taken as a serious piece, but as a comedy on the life story of Casanova. I was laughing throughout the entire movie, I loved the acting, especially Oliver Platt, who in my opinion can do no wrong. And I enjoyed the, no other word for it, funness of the film. Every character had great timing, and each of their lines was in fit for that certain character and delivered well (which usually doesn't always happen in comedies.) It's no spectacular film, but it's not a dumb comedy, it's a fun film with great characters.

Reds (1981)
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Not as epic as people said., 18 February 2007

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Everyone says this movie is Lawerence of Arabia and Doctor Zhivago combined, and I looked forward to the film. I automatically knew that no one could compete with David Lean's masterpiece, but I thought maybe Warren Beatty could see show me something I've never seen before. I was thoroughly disappointed with this movie, the movie had a lot of potential to be an epic film and possibly be compared to Lean's most famous work. Where the film lacked was editing, a good half of that movie could have easily been taken out, and the story wold have been gripping, it could have had something great. I think Warren Beatty tried to do too much with the film, with the interviews every five minutes, and that song they always sang, and the love affair between him and Diane Keaton that went off and on again. Yes the movie did have some good acting moments, but truly great acting is when there is no dialogue, and this whole movie is shouting and yelling (which could be considered good acting, but I think it more being dramatic then anything else.) The movie does have great cinematography though, and some of the scene are generally good in the movie, and I did like the ending, but for me the movie was too long.

Dreamgirls (2006)
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Wonderful Film, 31 December 2006

I've gone to the movies about a dozen or so times, and I've only come out of the theaters liking maybe four of the films I've seen. And this is one of them. This movie is superb in so many ways, I loved almost everything about it. The movie is based around the Supremes, Barry Gordy, and basically all big singers of the Motown era. There was a few flaws in the film, nothing technical, more historical, other then that though, the film was a great movie, with wonderful casting. Most musicals have two good songs, maybe three, but the rest are just annoying and fillers, but in Dream Girls, every song is heartfelt and done well. My only problem with the what the critics are saying is Beyonce does a fantastic job, and she shines in this film, and I'm not saying agree with that part, but they're taking the spot light away from the real and talented actress Jeniffer Hudson, who I think deserves a best actress nominee, because she held that roll more than anyone else in the movie.

Apocalypto (2006)
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Hollywood Movie with Mayan Background, 10 December 2006

I just got back from watching the movie I have looked forward to all year. I admit to having high expectations of this film, perhaps too high of expectations, because they weren't met. I looked forward to this movie, because for the most part, Hollywood doesn't seem to want to do any movie on the Aztecs or the Mayans, or anything like that even though it's a very fascinating subject, with an even more fascinating culture and a rich history. I think that's why the movie didn't work for me, I wanted to see the culture, the history, everything that makes this extinct group of people so interesting. I'm not saying the movie is bad, because it is an okay movie, it just doesn't answer any of my questions about the Mayan Civilization. But if a person doesn't know anything about them, then the movie will shock them. A Mel Gibson signature is once again pointed out on how much beatings the human body can take, and I'm not sure all the violence was necessary. But for anyone who feels like seeing movie that is semi different, then watch this one, because it has all the right elements, it just didn't work for me. Antony

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Horrible, 26 July 2006

I went to the movie theatre not expecting more then a swashbuckling movie with a lose plot but funny moments (mostly because the first one was funny) and I felt ripped off by the end of the movie. It was boring, and had no story. I didn't expect a big plot, but the first one had character and an amount of story, this one had nothing but dull moments and funny talking. I loved the special effects, but effects are just effects, they are not a story. I understand how they wanted to make the sequel darker, that's how sequels go, but they went all out and put in Turner's father and other stuff, I don't wish to ruin for anyone reading this. But the movie does not stand comparable to the first one. This is comparable to a Matrix sequel disappointment.

Sin City (2005)
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Film Noir meets Kill Bill, 27 April 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Just to tell you, I'm not a fan of the comic books, but I do plan on reading them soon. I went into the movies with high expectations, simply because Robert Rodriguez doesn't really do bad films, expect Spy Kids 3D, but that's besides the point.

I thought this film would be grand thing, and it turned out to be an awesome experience in many perspectives. Although the entire plot of the film wasn't very "intuned," I loved the telling of three different stories all intertwined in one.

From the very first scene with "The Man," telling looking at the girl on the balcony,telling her the those perfect lines, kissing her, then popping one in her stomach. I thought to myself, that's friggin' sick! But at the same time, I knew what type of film this was gonna be, and I was already loving it.

I really felt bad for Hartigan too, who seemed to just wanna make life the best for Nancy. Poor Marv, who was a no one a loser who was loved by a beautiful, sweet woman, and all Marv did was prove how much he felt her love. Dwight was an okay guy, had more lust in him than love, but he did manage to protect all his women. And Kevin, I think that was the sick creeps name, gave me the creeps. And the entire Basin City was just a sick place, with all the rapes and killings and the violent characters.

I enjoyed all the narratives, and all the shots that the movie had. I also enjoyed the acting, considering some movies shot all on green screen are badly acted (Sky Captain). And I enjoyed the talkiness of the film, very film noir, old gangster like. The violence could have been a little less graphic, I admit, but hey it's all just a movie.

If there will be a sequel, I'm not sure it'll be as good, because this one is so impressive and shocking. I enjoyed the film, and kudos for Mr. Rodriguez who really impressed me with doing such a good job on the writing of the screen story, the computer effects, the music (although it could have been more jazzy) and the direction.

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Totally Unique, 4 March 2005

I saw the commericial to this movie, a couple weeks after it was released, and it just looked interesting, one of the critics said, "It's this years Lost in Translation," and I loved that movie, so I went to go see it with my dad. When I left the theater, I felt totally impressed that Mr. Braff could write, star, and direct this film, and I thought that it had awesome scenes, funny moments, and one off beat sense of humor. The thing I loved most about this whole film, was the music was totally intuned to every scene, and I loved it from beginning to end (although it was hollywoody and unrealistic.) The title to is very trippy, because Garden State what Jersey's called, but it's also a state of regrowth, and thats what this movie is about, rebirth and growth. Kudos to Mr. Braff, and Ms. Portman who deserved an Oscar nomination, as did Mr. Braff for writing.

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A Moving, Powerful, and Compelling Story, 4 March 2005

The basic story, a boy who is raised in the real world, from the beginning of his life. I believe this is one of the most powerful, and truly realistic stories, that can truly show the hardships of reality, and the decisions given to people, and how they choose to accept different opportunities. When I first saw this movie, I thought it was all those things: powerful,moving, beautiful and all that, but I realized this is a story that should be heard. This story reminds me of Lord of the Flies, with realism in it. This movie deserves all the credit it gets and some, and I hope that the situation that this story follows, one day, will no longer exist: life of violence, drugs, and death.

Zoot Suit (1981)
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The Best Kind of Music, 18 February 2005

First off, Luis Valdez is a genius, he managed to take a real life story, and make it into a musical, not only was its the best kind of musical, with great acting and symbolism, but with meaning to the Chicano race.

This film is about Chicanos and their history during the 1940's, and even though it's about the gang, the actual Zoot Suit and the ending are all very symbolic, and this movie should be credited for all the creativity and work put into this brilliant masterpiece.

The songs were good, but what I really enjoyed was the acting, James Omos is talent behind measurement, yet he receives no credit for such a role. He doesn't play the role, he is the Zoot Suit. All around the acting from everyone was excellent, I wouldn't change a thing about the film.

Alexander (2004)
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Oliver Stone, you're fired, 29 November 2004

Okay first off, what the hell Mr. Stone, come on now?

I haven't seen many of Oliver Stones movies, but the one's I've seen are awesome. I remember leaving the movie theatre like WOW!!! I felt like I been somewhere and threw something. But this, was, corny, fake, terrible, bad, horrible, all blended together with a bad script and a bad movie score.

If a director wants a narrator then have one, Anthony Hopkins part was completely unnecessary. I also think it was miss casted. Why is Alexander's mom like only eleven month's older then him. And I didn't even like the fight scenes, they took too long, and the repeating shot of the eagle. And why was Alexander always lecturing, his long and boring speeches kept coming, and they were about the same friggin' thing.

Also if the writer wants to hint bi-sexuality, then do it, but don't give these boring scenes between two men saying how happy they are to be with each other and then embrace. Have one scene where Alexander's just kissing a guy and that's it.

Music bad, didn't match the battle scenes at all, I'd rather hear a wanna be Gladiator theme then some off tune orchestra. Mr. Stone, you're a good guy, but for this movie you're fired!!!

Antony Lopez