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Great and Original!, 10 April 2014

When I went to Sundance, I was just trying to see any movie I could, and I decided to try and see this movie. I do not regret seeing this movie at all. It is a very original story and has heart. It is a very interesting take on the 'Pregnant but don't want a baby story'. While this movie might have benefited from one or two extra scenes in it, I still give it a 10/10 because I loved the movie and it was filled with solid performances from everyone. The movie itself is one of the stories where a girl decides to have a one night stand, gets pregnant, but does not want to have a child. I won't go any further for fear of spoiling anything but you should see it

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Great Documentary, 10 April 2014

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***SLIGHT SPOILERS, MAINLY SYNOPSIS, NOTHING BIG**** I went into this movie with absolutely no knowledge, and how I recommend you view it also. This movie is also the best documentary I have seen so far! The movie is about a journey of a group when they discover a T. Rex, but what is special about this T. Rex, other than being the 13th one ever discovered, is the dinosaur skeleton has the most intact of any they have ever discovered. The T. Rex is soon taken by the United States Government and I will not say too much about what happens after here, but it is about the group trying to get the T Rex back and the journey they go through. A riveting movie in which I will surely view when it either gets a wide release or a digital/DVD release.

Laggies (2014)
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Fantastic and Hilarious movie, 10 April 2014

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While this movie does not bring anything new to the table at all, Laggies is still a very funny and entertaining movie. Great performances from everyone involved especially Sam Rockwell. I recommend this movie. The movie starts out with the main character going to a class reunion dance, she goes to the dance with her boyfriend of 10 years I believe, it was a while ago I saw it, and they were having a good time. The boyfriend tries to propose but Megan, the main character, tells him she is first going to a conference for a week. She instead goes to a teenager to whom she purchased alcohol for in the beginning. This is how the movie starts and the rest is up to you!