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Great concept...but needs better pacing, 10 November 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This film makes 3 major points:

1. Peak oil will destroy us all. 2. Women are often stronger and smarter than men in the face of adversity. 3. You never know what you'll be capable of until the feces hit the fan.

If I were going to change anything, it would be the following:

1. The characters' faces should have been dirtier, especially the Rovers.

2. The film's pacing should have been tighter and faster - exposition is great, but too much detracts from the tension (IMO).

Other than's a pretty solid piece of work!

Vibrations (1996) (V)
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Interesting idea...cheesy execution., 24 November 2004

While the concept of Christina Applegate at a rave is in itself an intriguing idea, the plot here just doesn't do it justice. I would be tempted to watch this film again (maybe with a support network present), but primarily for three things:

--Fierce Ruling Diva (a legendary techno group from the early 90s) performs in one scene (I have to find that song...)

--the monologue delivered by the geeky rave keyboardist describing the way rave music is supposed to make you feel (accompanying himself with some really tacky music that sounds like techno the way an early 90s film score person would do it). Loaded with buzz words, this choice bit of script had me laughing until I was in pain.

--I would like to see if there was, in fact, anything else about this movie worth remembering.

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My vote for THE WORST FILM EVER MADE., 21 August 2004

Ask many people what the worst film ever made is, and they will probably respond with either "Ishtar" or "Manos, The Hands of Fate". I, on the other hand, have seen those two and this one, and I have to tell you, this is the low point in my book. Several key points using "Manos" for comparison:

--Manos was in color. --Manos has better costumes. --Manos is at least unintentionally funny. --Manos has more of a surreal approach.

MONSTER, on the other hand, is a black and white sleeper of a film (and I mean sleeper in the sense that you will probably fall asleep waiting for something to happen). The badly paced dialogue cuts present in "Manos" are here, but sadly, they aren't interspersed with freaky costumes (not counting the odd go-go outfit) or for that matter, memorable dialogue. As an example of exactly how dull this film is, I showed it (admittedly, the Mystery Science Theater 3000 version) to some MST3K friends of mine who are avid collectors of bad/tacky cinema. OK, they had been drinking...a little. But regardless, they were both out in the first 20 minutes and did not wake up at all for the rest of the film. I don't think _I_ have ever sat through a viewing and remained awake.

Therefore, I would like to recommend this film as a fine sleep aid to anyone suffering from recurring insomnia. If you do decide to watch the film, and manage to remain awake to the conclusion, please refrain from damaging your video equipment if you find the ending...perplexing.

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Not perfect...but close., 21 August 2004

REAL GENIUS is an overlooked comedy treasure about an above-average group of students dealing with the ups and downs of college very unique and creative ways. Many people tend to have a love/hate relationship with Val Kilmer, but I feel his performance in this film should be considered one of his defining roles. One-liners and offhand quips abound, and the supporting cast only adds fuel to the fire (including the late Severn Darden of SCTV fame). Of all the films that I have seen, this would be the one that I have watched the most. I was overjoyed to finally get it on DVD (although I was disappointed at the lack of bonus material...come on, not even the TRAILER?). I think it would make a fine addition to anyone's collection, particularly if you're into 80s comedy, John Hughes films (I know, Martha Coolidge directed it, but if you watch it you'll understand), or just looking to pick up something you haven't seen before.

So, um...are they ever going to release the score? How about a deluxe DVD with a "where are they now" and a director commentary? Maybe a sequel--OK, maybe I'm reaching a little bit. Check it out sometime.

Lost Souls (2000)
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Cinemus interruptus, 21 August 2004

After some consideration, my theory on what is wrong with this film is this:

if you do a good job of building tension and suspense in a movie, you should have something really impressive to show for it at the end. There are many films that somehow missed this logical progression, and this is one of them. I have considered seeing the film again, in the hope that maybe I missed some important bit of information that would have made the climax much more...well, anything, but it's like being dumped. You just can't go through that same thing if you think you're going to end up disappointed again.

Perhaps there is a director's cut hidden somewhere, where they will show us how the film was GOING to end and explain why they didn't use it. We can only hope.