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A bold direction, 19 November 2006

As a lifelong Bond fan I was worried. Daniel Craig just did not fit the bill. Maybe that was the problem as the teasers came out they looked good and I became curious. Once the movie was released I studied the previews for what I had been expecting yet nothing but praise (and the odd sourpuss) After seeing the movie I am impressed. This is a bold direction but now I see long overdue. The new Bond is for now, taut and violent as he needs to be. I cant wait for the next movie. Well done Daniel! Not fitting the bill was exactly what was needed. HOWEVER................ The product placement is blatant and spoils a very slick movie. Fords are seen throughout the movie every other car in the car park is the Aston Martin or Range Rovers or Jaguars, get the picture! too much too much! This movie was a 10 but dropped to 9 because of this!

Starforce (2000)
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100 dollar budget, 28 March 2005

How did this movie get released? It is awful! The whole movie reminds me of BBC's Dr Who and Blake Seven, (both of which I will watch over and over again), because of the poor filming and cheap sets but they are 20+ years old! This is awful!The CGI is home PC stuff and don't get me started on the lobster like creatures in the cave! The actors are wooden and miss cast. The lame script is straight out a spate western with lines being delivered with sneering expressions and a big sigh. Truly a waste of film and I thought Post Impact was the worst movie I had seen!What was the budget? It would have better spent on a Pizza and Star Wars Video from 1976! Watch this movie but only if you got it free! 09/10/2005 I was discussing movies with an old school friend of mine yesterday and the subject of worst movies came up. You guessed it we both said Star Force! hahahahahahaha We watched it again and laughed so much I nearly spilled my beer!