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Kiltro (2006)
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Wow! I am still surprised after the shock!, 21 April 2006

Hearing about a Chilean film was not surprising, indeed its very common but when you hear about a Chilean ACTION film that's a total different story.

I must admit that I am not quite a fan of Chilean movies but after watching this I can honestly say that my opinion is changing, nice and clean edition and very quick and realistic fighting sequences makes this film a very interesting and surprising film.

The Good Points:

* Simple story and not a silly saving-the-world-from-an-ancient-satanic-sect plot, this makes the movie easier to understand and fun to watch. * Very nice fighting sequences, I heard a rumor that the main actor of this movie is indeed a martial artist of recognition in our country and you can clearly see it as you watch the movie, the fights are fast and realistic making you say OUCH! in every kick. * Its a very funny movie, I laughed a lot of times with the jokes in the movie. A lot of scenes brings us the sweet memories of the 80's series like Kung Fu and one character reminds me of Star Wars as I must say that he is the Chilean Master Yoda.

The Bad Points:

* The Visual Effects are not quite good, the blood was digitalized and you can easily notice it in a lot of scenes. * The main actor is really good at kicking, but when it comes to acting the result is not up to the expectations(mine at least). * The Music is half good, half horrible. A lot of good bands in the soundtracks, but also a lot of bands that really stink.

I really recommend this movie, my expectations where absolutely none, I just went because I was curious about the FIRST Chilean action film and I was really surprised. Very Nice Work, lets wait for the sequel!

Examen (2001)
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Never Expected to see this Here, 23 September 2004

When a friend told me that "El Examen" was on I could not believe it so I decided to check for myself. To my Surprise I found it but when I started to think why a Short Film made by Students could reach this page, the reason that came to my mind was quite obvious, the film is just great and let me tell you why:

Simple and good Story : As the name says ("El Examen" translated to English "The Exam") its about a group of students that are doing their final exam, everything seems to go fine until the evil guy that takes the exam appears...

Good Actors : I don't know if Marcelo Valenzuela is really evil or what but his acting as a "villain" of this movie is perfect, you can see it in his eyes as he enjoys the suffering of the students.

Very Funny : I am a Student of the University where the story takes place and I can truly say that the movie takes some real facts of our daily life and transforms them into a real funny thing.

I really recommend this movie that already won the first place in the national Festival called "Sobras" and many other awards.