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World War Z - A good thriller that satisfies, 22 June 2013

I went to watch World War Z with quite some interest and obviously, its not like you get zombie apocalypse movies every now and then... The movie was frankly.. an excellent one. The movie wastes no time in bringing up the main plot of the story and right from the first minute, each and everything is part of it. The thing I liked most about this film is that it delivered everything that it was supposed to, beside a few flaws, the plot was a good one accompanied by a cast that were extremely efficient. Brad Pitt alone took the movie to a greater height with his superb acting. The Zombies were quite well-designed and along with their ideal casualness earned their silly antics laughter from the audience and at the same time, some horror. The story revolves around the idea of a plague spreading 'round the globe which infects people and makes the infected people zombie-like. Also, anyone getting bitten by them were likely to turn like them as well. Gerry(Pitt) and his family narrowly escapes the infected denizens of the New York before getting rescued, now Gerry out of his duty and love for his family, agrees to go on a wild trip to find out more about the disease and whether it has a cure. The plot as I said was a good one, the soundtrack's accompanying the movie well, cast superb, graphics fantastic, It sure did have a few flaws though namely not naming the cause of the disease or about how it actually began, but it can be easily looked over if you look on the positive sides. Though there are some other good movies out there such as Man of Steel, World War Z belongs to a completely different category and along with it's elegance singles out the others, so even if you have no idea how zombies look, you would still love the suspense of this film. All in all, World War Z is a great movie and you would definitely enjoy seeing it even if you are not much of a fan of Zombies, the 3-D effects are good in this one, But 2-D went just fine enough for me. So, in case you were wondering to watch it or not, Do so, you will not regret it.

Iron Man 3 (2013)
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Even Without His Armor, Tony Stark Is The Iron Man....., 12 May 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A wise man once said: we make our own demons. These first lines from the beginning of the movie were the ones which really impressed me. I had obviously gone with lots of hopes and expectations to watch the film, and unlike many people here who have reviewed this film quite badly, I actually enjoyed myself not just because it was good, but because finally, we got to know Tony Stark more than Iron Man. I believe the word, "action" and "armor" has been recently connected whenever "Iron Man" is mentioned, I mean, yes, obviously Iron Man is all about action and power, but one mustn't forget is that there should be some meaning too in the movie or just plain action destroys it, I believe this is the case for most of the people who were disappointed due to the less presence of the Iron Man as we saw Tony Stark more often! But I take this in a positive light, for as the comics always played more emphasis on Tony than it ever did to his counterpart and here, this whole movie is all about showing that Tony Stark can live without his super-armor and that he can still do wonders. I must compliment the director on his direction as this movie is full of twists and surprises, bringing in the most powerful villain in the Iron Man series and then declaring that the guy was an all time phony required quite much boldness. Also, the best part of the movie was that every five minutes, you could hear laughter erupting from every side, such is the charm and wittiness of the scenes. Now if the talk comes to the cast, well, I cannot say anything much. Robert Downey Jr. again shows why he and only he could ever be born to do such a role which he does to the utmost perfection. The co-cast of Ben Kingsley, Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle and Guy Pearce do a fine task of keeping up the movie along with the others. Perhaps the one scene which I won't be forgetting soon about the movie is when the Iron Man finally breaks down and Tony is left alone to walk in the snowy night, then the encounter with the teenage kid and all that followed were just fantastic. The music was pretty good and suited well with the scenes. Finally, all I can say is that the movie was quite different than what everyone expected, of course, it could have been better but the ending was perhaps far more unreal than anyone would expect of an Iron Man movie and it actually does the job pretty well. My final verdict, a good film with its own amazing comedic moments, great acting, a rather diverse script, a good enough music to go along with it. A must watch still for every "movie" fan out there for it still is a good movie in its own regard. Perhaps the best thing about this film was that there was a big meaning in it through which we finally get the answer to Captain America's question In the Avengers and that is, no matter what you take away from him or what you do to him, even if he has no super- powered suits to speak of, Tony Stark is always the Iron Man.

The Croods (2013)
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Behold... A Prehistoric Age Where Humans Still Live... Apparently For Now!, 22 March 2013

The Croods, a name most bizarre to be given as a title of a movie, but the content, just fantastic! I may even add to say that Dreamworks has lived up to its expectations in delivering exceptionally amazing animated movies and their latest release, The Croods is no exception. The story begins by introducing us to a rather diverse family of a couple, their three children and an old grandmother(who just wouldn't die) and setting is a prehistoric age where they are supposedly the only living humans. The movie then goes on to bring an extra character just named "Guy" and his sidekick Belt(an animal) who goes on to proclaim that the end of the world is near and their only hope for survival was to aim for the mountains far ahead. A simple plot it seems no doubt, but the way the movie was crafted was just fantastic and if that wasn't enough, you might actually find yourself laughing a couple of times no matter what age you might be of. There might be many movies out there to be watched but "The Croods" is a film which is guaranteed to be enjoyed. It might not be the best film out there, but it certainly is a great one which has its own comedic and adventurous moments, a movie for the whole family out there and to all those who prefer watching it in 3-D, the effects are seriously good in this film and your choice would be a valid one. All in all, no matter what age you may be, "The Croods" might just bring back a smile or a few memories of those old childhood fantasies where anything was possible.

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Middle Earth like it has never been before., 15 December 2012

A good film is often defined as one which does not at all fail to captivate it's audience and believe me, The Hobbit strikes you as an epitome of cinema making. Peter Jackson along with his talented crew and epic music composer Howard Shore does it again and the result is a film which viewers won't forget so easily. May it be from the soul touching music to the natural acting of the actors or even the awe inspiring landscape, The Hobbit will take you on an epic journey of adventure and fantasy and is your one way ticket to the world Of The Middle Earth. With Funny anecdotes kept here and there, a serious or bored face will be very difficult to keep. The story transports us to the time before the legend of The Ring began, that is, the story of the Old Bilbo Baggins who found the ring and with that find shaped the future of Middle Earth. The movie is made in such a manner that it will keep you guessing what is to come next, every line spoken, ever verse sung, each will keep you engrossed. For every fantasy or even a movie lover, this is a must watch for everyone out there. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy was fantastic but The Hobbit is so much lighter, so much free that it's wittiness and it's light charm won't fail to give you satisfaction. I can only say this that Peter Jackson has started another epic Trilogy into the fantastic world of Middle Earth and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey ends this year in the film industry with a fitting tribute. So, I ask everyone out there to go and have a watch for it will be worth everyone's time and to all music lovers, don't forget to stay till the end of the movie for the song at the credits is a masterpiece and so is the entire film!