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Karroll's Christmas (2004 TV Movie)
Very sweet retelling
9 December 2006
My husband and I stumbled on this movie last year, and just loved it. Wallace Shawn as the crotchety Scrooge-like character is a joy to watch (although the scenes when he was supposed to be younger were a little painful due to the poor make-up job). He plays sweet, wistful, mean, and nasty with such dexterity. Truly a gifted performance.

The ghosts are a blast, particularly Larry Miller (whose comedy routines I love!). Tom Everett Scott does a very good job as the unwitting recipient of the ghost-visits - a man who is on the verge of becoming just like his Scroogy-neighbor.

The casting of the children in this story, however, seems like an after-thought. Only one little boy actually shines in his portrayal. The others are wooden, and they mumble through their horribly written lines. Thankfully, they don't have much screen time.

This isn't the greatest re-telling of A Christmas Carol, but it is a very sweet and fun way to get into the Christmas "Spirit".
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