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The Golden Age, 30 March 2005

Rocko's Modern life came out at a great time in Animated cartoons. The early 90's birthed Ren and Stimpy, Beavis and Butthead, Batman: Animated series, and many more. This was a time when it seemed sick humor was at its greatest, and also when it seemed cartoons were the only entertainment to fulfill our needs. When it seemed like people were taking chances at cartoons that were outside the box. Depraved, neurotic, sick, funny, and even sometimes smart. Making you think, and enjoy at the same time. Unlike the cartoons now that are all the same, because they're all made by the same company. The stupidity was its best asset; the characters were classic, and it even made a comment about society; the capitalism, Conglom-o being the fat cats, and even one hilarious episode dealing with Recycling. Even though Rocko didn't last long, people still remember it as one of the best.

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Strange, intriguing, bad, good, everything at once, 29 August 2004

This Movie was very intriguing to me the first time a saw the trailer. Of course I thought it had some big influence on Kill Bill and apparently I'm not alone. Some people forget sometimes though that this is more of an Opera than a movie, hence the title. It can be very confusing at times and you could be lost from beginning to end. There are selected scenes that are very good, (especially the final fight between the two ladies. Just like this movie this is for a selected audience. The dreams were so theatrical that even though they made no sense to a first time watcher, they were still so beautiful. Imagine this movie in play form, on a stage, which most of the time it is, so that's half of the work done.

Directed perfectly for what the movie had to do, the movie itself may not be perfect, but saying it was bad is just saying you don't like plays or operas. Saying it was boring, confusing, mind boggling bad is okay, but just remember that this is a play, opera, movie, short film, American, Japanese movie all in one.