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This was a good movie, 1 April 2014

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Had a great plot and was great to watch over seas.... Bout time they got rid of that crappy costume from the avengers. But You can understand a lot more of Caps Back story... Yeah there will be a Blackwidow/Cap kid *wink*

Only thing that makes me wonder is... the whole time they are using Tony Starks programs and equipment, and they even talk about it, where the hell was he. I know he took a bit of a sabbatical because of Iron man 3, but hell call him up...

But in this movie it totally gives credit to Blackwidow, quick shot out to hawk-eye, and a lot of good plots that don't get you lost.

It was much better than Thor 2, which i thought sucked. Mmmm agent hill, wow she is still looking great in a uniform, also you noticed how there are "NO" bad women in this whole movie. Every single woman sides with Cap, I honestly think he doing a lot more than he says he isn't.... Annnnyways was a great movie

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Bad Points, 18 December 2012

OK, now although I thought this movie was good, the two things that kept annoying me every time I had to stare at them were:

- Captain America: Come on the Rubber baby helmet look was terrible are you telling me that they couldn't find a better look for him. The costume was terrible. 1. I know it's traditional but come on come up with something new; the light blue was terrible and looked like a child's costume. I mean the darker blue in Captain America the 1st avenger was better than in Avengers. 2. The rubber baby helmet. What the hell!! It looked terrible they could have done something that came up to his ears, and wrapped around his head letting his hair come out the top. Sorta of like Cyclops in Xmen, I'm sorry the full head cover was absolutely terrible. Chris Evans is a good looking Actor Show him off more, not make him look ridiculous. I mean if they can revamp Superman costume and make it look fantastic... They need to go back on the drawing board on Captain Americas Costume.

- The Hulk: Honestly I couldn't stand looking at him the digital creation they had was horrible. They went from The hulk (2003) which was a bit cartoonish, but OK. To The Incredible Hulk (2008) which I think was fantastic, the CGI was fantastic you could see muscle def, hair moved instead of looked glued down, and looked like a HULK. The hulk they had in the avengers look run down, old, "Smaller" I always envisioned hulk as a big massive thing. This hulk was barely towering over anyone. I'm sorry I just didn't agree with the thing they had there at all. But because they have recast the hulk like 20 times, also brings down the appeal how can you really build up your appeal for the character if you keep changing out the actor. That is an "Epic Fail"!!

But other than that I liked the movie, was very good, better than the XMen why because they were actually fighting something bigger than the screen. I hate like XMen where everyone they were fighting was the same, and so small... they needed to throw in an Apocalypse, Onslaught, something was the enemy is a real Enemy. So other than those small changes I think the movie was great for its genre