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Youngblood (1986)
Definitely the top of my list, 11 December 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

If your looking for a great movie and a movie that I myself find extremely inspiring you have searched the right place

this move is just excellent and should be rated a 10/10, i am pleased with the way it is set out, i myself play ice hockey and jut like this young man he is not the richest man on earth but he has the skill and determination to get there.

I guarantee that you will love this movie if you love inspirational, motivational, romance, dramas or a sport movie.

even with great fighting, every hockey fan loves a great fight and Youngblood has a great deal of it so stop reading this review and GO AND SEE IT!!!!

really i think this should be rated 10/10 but others have their odds, go and watch it!!!