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you ever read a good book and then get excited when you find out it was made into a movie.


Degrading plot and characters. killing off people who never died in the book. miss casting parts so bad, that it destroys the story. the emotional effect of the original story not seen much less recognized.
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Books that were made into decent or good movies.
Staying true to the book as much as possible.

some of the movies are cleaner than the books
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self worth. It is a fight, we fight every day. When some is rude to us, we get angry or annoyed because we feel disrespected. a greater war goes on inside us. how much are we going to respect our selves and are we worth it.

The movies in this list are some of the reasons people hold themselves to be of little or no value.

The first movie in this list a young man comes back from war with both hands blown off. he feel there is no future for a man with no hands what can he do for a living. who will love and not just pity. the worst thing is what to do with the time. no purpose, no value, walking dead. worse because you feel you are a burden. dead people don't have up keep. you don't have to feed them or buy them clothes. This young man had seemingly no value, at least to himself.

I understand this man problem at age sixteen I caught dengue fever. doctors did not know what I had and almost killed me wrong medication, nearly destroyed my liver. dengue fever take one to three years to recover from but because of the overdose I am now twenty-nine and still sick. In those years I have only held a full time job for a year and a half. But I know I have worth. I did not think so at first,there were a lot years of despair and wondering why. I think it is to help people find value.

I have learned: while I can love people, help people I have value. I also believe I will be well again. these movies here have helped me. Take a look and see why.
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to trust or not to trust, that is the question.

How do you know?
does a person show love for his fellowman.
time consuming caring.

life seems to be one big boxing match. there are rules but each person is planning on how to land the next blow. One must you now for in a boxing match if you do not fight you loose. nonsense. people who have to game play are driven here, there and everywhere. trying to keep up the hit count.

or you can react from hope, faith and love.
David and Goliath. everybody was game playing except David
he loved his God, believed in his God, and had hope for the future.

People who game play can not find love. can not find peace or contentment
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I find that many modern movies are remakes of older films.
this list is to give credit to the originals and to stir curiosity
so people will go back and see what they have missed.

this a family friendly list. when there is a remake not suited for family viewing I will make a note of it. by that I mean if there is nudity, extreme violence and foul language.

For movies referenced there will be a * mark beside it.
For movies that are in list I will Give a family warning.

I am human, so I might miss something. Please use your own
judgment. 15
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Addictions. People view them in the wrong way. It is never the Addiction you have to beat, it is the pain, fear or despair that drives you to it. addictions are no more than smoke bombs that people let off in there life so they don't have to face or feel Pain, Fear Or Despair.

alcohol,drugs,food,adrenalin,work,sex,money,sadism and masochism. all of these are a denial of self and reality. the lie is my reality is to hard for me to live with, i can not take it. If i face reality it will kill me.

Then you have "doctors" telling you its not your fault. If you have a cut on your hand, you are responsible for taking care of it. if you do not take care of it, you can lose your hand because of infection. your hand decays.

When you are hurt emotionally, you have the same responsibility to take care of and allow emotions to heal.

most people don't even try.
They believe God is Vindictive, Destructive
Those who don't believe God, think the world is vindictive and destructive. No hope, no faith, no happiness, no life.
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Love does not always mean romance. Love is also choice and sacrifice.
What do you value more? Your life, their life, your dream, their dream, your duty, their duty.
Do you see possessions and relationships as power or responsibility?
What do you love? The answer is in a question. What do you protect?

You will notice the lack of modern Hollywood movies.
there is only one so far in this list. I challenge people to suggest more to me.
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This is for people just starting to watch westerns. my other list "The Top Westerns Movies" is if you want more
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Bollywood has grown up. I think it has out grown Hollywood.
Just like Korean tv have out grown USA tv shows.
Bollywood still knows what a story looks like.

many people for many reasons think there life is over.
I had the chance to be one of those people.
caught a tropical sickness at age 16 and at age 29 still sick.
One of the reason I can make such extensive lists is I have the time.
Life always has purpose. if you are alive you can accomplish something. People need story. to learn from and to enjoy.
Hollywood of today you can rarely learn something from them much less enjoy
I want to help people to learn and to have joy

Anupam Kher: my favorite actor of modern times. If you watch all of these movies, you will find him play the "father" more than once and the bad guy as well. Anupam Kher reminds me of Thomas Mitchell. Both highly talented, both have had prolific careers. If you do not know who Thomas Mitchell is shame on you. "Its a Wonderful Life" as Uncle Billy or "Stagecoach" as Doc Boon
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People who were attracted to each other and what they did about it.

My other list "movies of love" is for movies where love was tested.
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My Goal is to get the best of the many actors who made westerns.

I will be adding more as I see more
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any type of movie with sword play
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I am making a limited list of movies that needed to be remade. If you want a book or movie suggested to you; write to me with guidelines for what you are looking for. there are so many classic books or semi classic books and movies that were based on books; that seem to be forgotten. instead of retreading movies that have been made sixteen times find something new.
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Not enough credit is given to Korean TV Shows. Several shows that I really like, I can not find. The ones that I do find, the lists of the cast are not complete.

Think of these shows as novels in action. Korean TV shows tell a complete story. Unlike their USA counter parts, which regardless of genre, run from 1 to 10 years and rarely have an ending.

I personally think that the young lady who starred in "Lie To Me and "My Fair Lady" is one of the most talented actresses of our time. Out of respect for her name, I will not try to spell it. I have seen too many variations.
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In the list is: John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, Fred Astaire And Ginger Rogers, William Powell and Myrna Loy, and many others.

I did not include cameos or documentaries of these stars together just there movies.
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People like a classic story and want to find the version they like best. This is to help you out. I will be giving recommendations on ones to watch or stay away from.
If they are of use to you please let me know.

this is a family friendly list.
If there is a movie with extreme violence, nudity or foul language, I will say so.
but something is bound to get by me so please use your own judgment.