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a list of 15 titles
My rankings of the great Japanese master's works.
a list of 21 titles
The films of one of my favourite actors, ranked from favourite to least favourite.
a list of 100 titles
A subjective ranking of what I consider to be my favourite films. Some of them are personal picks, but most I consider to be at least among the greatest films ever made.
a list of 24 titles
A best to worst ranking of my favorite film franchise, the James Bond series. This is a purely subjective ranking and hopefully I won't offend anyone!
a list of 17 titles
My ever-growing list of the Alfred Hitchcock films that I've seen.
a list of 11 titles
My ratings of the Stanley Kubrick films that I've seen.
a list of 20 titles
As a lover of all things action, these are my picks for the 20 best movies of the genre. It is not exhaustive and there are many that I still need to see, so this is subject to change.
a list of 10 titles
My personal ranking of the Friday the 13th film franchise. I have not seen parts 9 and 10.
a list of 12 titles
My rankings of one of my favourite filmmakers, Martin Scorsese.