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50/50 (2011)
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Laughter and tears simultaneously, 10 December 2012

When I've watched this movie, I figured out that not only there is a day in human's life but also there is a night. 50/50 is a Brilliant movie. A story that will make you reconsider things. Amazing performances are shown The story of the film feels believable and real, basically because it's based on the real experience of normal human in real life. The strength of the movie is that the film is supposed to be sad because of cancer but it is very positively processing cancer and other abandonment of his dear. I think everything in the film is in right amount The film's only real weakness can be found in the girlfriend and mother characters. Howard and Huston give the roles their best efforts, but both of them are stuck with stereotypical and predictable character arcs. . It is a film which is awarded many prizes like audience award in aspen filmfest, Hollywood breakthrough award in Hollywood film festival and it is nominated in many film awards. and if there's a message to the movie it's that laughter really is the best medicine

Fight Club (1999)
excessively superb film, 10 December 2012

If you are looking for entertainment and mind boggling at the same time, this is the perfect one for that matter. This movie is a absolutely superb. It takes you to a totally different level. The story and direction are just so amazing that you can't predict this movie until you are very great at predicting. 'Fight Club' had me thinking days after it had finished and it might even be better watching it the second, third, fourth, or fiftieth time though. Fightclub is a movie that makes you think about what you've done with your life, about everything, and especially society and mediocrity. Be prepared to realize that, as Tyler Durden says, "We are all part of the same compost heap." Firstly there is no actor that can ever compare to Edward Norton. Norton has a calm intensity that is riveting. If you haven't watched this film till date then don't wait further and watch this film now. I strongly recommend Fight Club to you. exceptional film... 10/10