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From the book published in 2005.

After each film I put the initials of the contributing writer who reviewed it:
Jerry Beck (JB)
Martin Goodman (MG)
Andrew Leal (AL)
W.R. Miller (WRM)
Fred Patten (FP)

Films which received 3 and a half stars:
Alakazam the Great
Barefoot Gen
Beavis and Butt-Head Do America
Cats Don't Dance
Cowboy Bebop: The Movie
Gulliver's Travels
The Land Before Time
Monsters Inc.
The Nightmare Before Christmas
The Prince of Egypt
Rugrats in Paris
Shrek 2
The Wings of Honneamise
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Chosen by Brian Camp in the book "Anime Classics Zettai!"
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From "The Animated Movie Guide" by Jerry Beck
a list of 60 titles
From "The Animated Movie Guide" book, edited by Jerry Beck.

1-20: Top 20 (U.S.-Produced) Direct-to-Video Animated Films

21-40: Top 20 (U.S.-Aired) Made-for-TV Animated Features

41-60: Top 20 Foreign Theatrical Features That Never Opened in the United States
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a list of 60 titles
a list of 333 titles
a list of 1,095 titles

The list is NOT IN ORDER.

Missing from IMDb:
Light Is Waiting (Michael Robinson, 2007)
Imaginaria (various directors, 1993)
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From Robin Buss' book "French Film Noir".
a list of 618 titles
Filmographies from the book "European film noir", edited by Andrew Spicer.

1-104: French film noir (by Ginette Vincendeau)
105-158: French film noirs/neo-noirs (by Phil Powrie) [some overlap with Vincendeau's list]
159-345: British film noir (by Robert Murphy)
346-421: British neo-noir (by Andrew Spicer)
422-457: German film noir, 1945-60 (by Tim Bergfelder)
458-473: German neo-noir (by Paul Cooke)
474-496: Spanish film noir (by Rob Stone)
497-537: Spanish neo-noir (by Ann Davies)
538-618: Italian film noir (by Mary P. Wood)
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The list is NOT in order.

Not on IMDb: Orpheus (2012), Sodom (1989)
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