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"Trigun" (1998)
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East meets West in allegory... and it hits., 10 May 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Christianity has the unfortunate history of being interpreted a countless amount of ways. This can be a good thing, inspiring one's own "personal" search for peace in this world. The problem arises however, when perceiving Christ himself. He is, by many a perception, a perfect being. He is god as man. This is to be an ideal for man to strive. This is an ideal we always fail to meet.

Eastern culture tends more towards balance. Yin and Yang is an example of the equality that exists "within every man." Both dark and light mix it up. Life happens somewhere in-between.

Our protagonist is Vash, a Christ figure for most of the series. However, we soon learn that for all of Vash's light, there is a dark force conspiring against him. This is where the show really shines. Because this is animated fare, we can accept the oft used, "evil twin brother" device. It truly works here. Knives is the perfect yang to Vash's yin... and what we learn is, neither can exist without the other.

Western culture may believe in the ideal, but eastern philosophy accounts for man's true nature. We are all both Vash AND Knives. (See Vash's struggle in the last three eps. before the final confrontation.) And when Vash strolls into the desert with Wolfwood's HUGE crucifix on his back, we know the imagery is overt. But, we accept it because the animation medium allows us to.

It is, quite simply... beautiful.

Superman (1978)
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Best opening title sequence... ever!, 22 October 2004

We all have unique reasons for loving a film. That's what makes cinema so magical. It's personal. You can love the meat of the movie, or you can love the trimmings.

There's a bunch of good stuff here. Most people my age will refer to "Superman" as THE definitive superhero film. None will ever take it's place. A position no doubt dictated by the age we were when first viewing it. As with films like "Star Wars" and "Raiders of the Lost Ark", WHEN you experience them is just as important as HOW you experience them.

As we age, youth's eyes fade. Cynicism creeps in. Experience leads us to see the many injustices this life offers and we become more critical... less likely to accept that which we would rather believe. After all, an adult who clings to the youthful ideals of wonder is simply naive... right?

To this day, the opening title sequence for "Superman" fills me with the same magical joy it did over twenty years ago. Never was a score so perfectly crafted around a film. John Williams and Richard Donner created such an indelible experience that over 25 yrs later, Bryan Synger will use the same music and theme to bring the magic to a new generation of wondrous eyes.

As for me though, this will always remain the best.