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Unbelievably good .., 20 December 2005

This series is one of the greatest I had ever seen. It has it all , great performance , great writing , ingenious plot and the list just goes on....

The very basic plot is a very genuine one, and it is something I, at least have never seen in a series, so many twists so many characters, so many morale and religious issues in just 10 episodes...

I enjoyed every second watching this series, and just want more.. and I strongly recommend watching it too.

10/10 - what else can I give it? watch it you'll know what I'm talking about.

- HellozL

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Decent Game, 27 November 2005

I would like to consider myself a professional gamer after playing computer games for almost a decade, and I would just like to say that I enjoyed the game! OK the graphics sucks, but there is more to the game than graphics, the fact that they didn't follow the exact scenes as they were displayed in the movie is something that I liked, and the fighting.. oh man the fighting is awesome.. there are A lot of combos, and the kung fu style of fighting is captured great, gun fights are not needed in this game, i swear.

Although I was disappointed that they didn't make any levels not concering the one, I cant blame them cuz the game is about the one after all.. (defending zion could have been some cool ass level) But overall, I liked this game and I recommend it.


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Worst Zombie Movie, 2 October 2005

Who ever heard of zombies that can think ? Com'on ! directors crave so badly originality that they are starting to come up with brainless crap which make no sense at all (regarding the fact that all zombies movies are brainless crap) this one is the worst in my opinion. A waste of good 90 minutes. thus I give it 1/10




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This movie ROCKED!, 28 June 2005

I can't understand all of those people that say this movie sucked.. THE ACTING WAS GREAT!!

stop writing down what other people say/had already written, the directing was also good, and the movie overall was very good.

i like the storyline and the characters. and i also believe the half of those here who say this movie sucked didn't even see it, they're just saying what other people told them, and to those who seen it and still hated it, Fack you stop dissing this movie.