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Downhill...going...going..., 6 February 2005

This used to be a good program. It used to walk the fine line between parody & bad taste. The show was always at its best when the wit and satire carried the message. It seems that in the last 2 seasons (or at least since Rick M. left) the writers have to be so much more blatant in the attacks. Yeah I know, it's still better then a lot of other crap on the tube, but really, it has fallen down several notches. I just don't laugh much anymore when I bother to watch. Not that Air Farce is much better. Now we have 2 comedy shows that are passed their prime. Monday Report may miss as many times as it hits, but at least the edge is there...the smartness is there.

Crazy Canucks (2004) (TV)
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Great look at an exciting time., 6 February 2005

Usually any attempt to capture a moment in Canadian history ends up being ruined by changing the story to satisfy the demands of Canada's so called 'elite'. Sanitized, dramatized, re-written to suit today's standards, we end up with a wash-out version, usually on the CBC. Not this time. Here is an excellent film that captures the spirit and excitement of the Canadian men's downhill ski team of the late 70's. Suddenly we became a respected power in a European dominated sport and most of us were more then happy to jump on the bandwagon. The film accurately portrays the team's hard fought wins and rising profile along with a excellent sound track to boot. If you get a chance to see it, you'll understand exactly why and where the term 'Crazy Canuck' came from.