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new version would be awesome!, 28 July 2006

What I loved was Danilo Donati's set production & costumes in this film (he did Satyricon, Fellini's Casanova with Donald Sutherland, Decameron II, Jerusalem and Pinocchio among other films). Max Von Sidow was fantastic and Ornella Muti as her daughter; Sam Jones voice was dubbed by other person! There's one actor who could've been chosen because was very look like old Larry Buster Crabbe (who hated dying his hair blonde) of the serials: Joseph Bottoms but now he's too old. In one link he appears shooting a laser gun in Walt Disney's Black Hole playing lieutenant Prize or something. Is it possible to write links here for you to check photos? In any case search in this very "imdb" for Joseph Bottoms and Buster Crabbe. Can you imagine using animatronics or machine head & make up for lizard man, ape-men, clay men, gorillas with horns, hawk-men or the creation of sudden helmets (with wings)and armors like Roman style and Egyptian headdress with the special effects of Stargate original film or the armor of Matt LeBlanc in Lost in Space? WOW!

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question, 27 July 2005

This producer is the real force behind many films. I recognize some hidden codes in the trilogy of Indiana Jones maybe cos I check some scenes paying attention to Hebrew detailed inscriptions. Does anybody here know how to contact him, whether a private e-mail or where he works? It doesn't matter if he answers to me but I need to mention some things specially about the rumors of the plot in Indiana Jones in a unique letter, no need to send more than one. I managed myself to sent a letter to Spielberg but I need this other address. Anybody can help me? You see the themes he's picking are linked with a pattern and we know George Lucas knows about mysticism because he learned many things from Master Joseph Campbell. Even the names he uses like "Anakin" are taken from specific parts.

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GOOD FILM, 11 November 2004

The famous closeup of their breakfast meat, crawling with maggots still is recorded by fire in my neurons or the wind filling the right places of the sails, the fog better than Carpenter's THE FOG cos is the real terror bursting out from human history instead of pirates ghosts. But , I tell ya' something: Not even the magnificent scene in homenage performed by Brian Di Palma with the excellent music of Ennio Morricone in The Untochables (filmed in slow motion)can equal the effect of the original masterpiece of the crowd climbing down the ladders. We see not merely the baby stroller but I remember the hand of a baby stepped by militar boot, someone with no feet escaping at the last minute, someone wearing glasses (then a cut edition) and then the same glasses broken by a bullet that passed stories in a single scene.