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"Grimm" (2011)
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Intriguing, colorful, exciting and sometimes scary!, 4 December 2012

What I really like in Grimm is endless fantasy and interesting plot. I admire the courage of these two detectives. The beauty of Portland's nature is spellbinding... Also what I can admit that I fall in love with the main actor - David (Nick), he is so handsome. Most of the series are exciting but sometimes a little overextended, but it's the only one negative thing which I can say. In general once you watch can't get off the screen. But in the beginning I thought that special effects were so poor and even funny, but later I got used to it and now I can say that the quality of this film is rather good and some of the monsters are very scary. Also what I like that there are many different characters and each spectator can find for himself his own favorite hero... For me it's Monroe (the funniest person there)and Prince (very elegant, sexual and mysterious)

Hope this TV show/story will be successful!