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Dawn of the Homeless, 18 April 2007

I think it's pretty obvious that this episode was spoofing the "Living Dead" series, specifically Dawn of the Dead (2004). The obvious reminders are the rooftop scene, the angles they were portrayed in were extremely similar to those in Dawn of the Dead. The one guy with a shotgun. the one guy going outside, becoming one of them. the pregnant lady. the big protected bus. how they feed off change, as a zombie would feed off of human flesh.

Anyways, I think the 11th season is sparking a slight change in the episode styles, at least for now. It seems like instead of having poltically-charged episodes, they're mostly spoofs. For instance, the snuke in your snizz spoofed the TV show 24. The easter special spoofed the Da Vinci Code. D-Yikes spoofed 300. Lice Capades may have been spoofing something, but I'm not sure what. It may just be a silly creative episode. and now, a Dawn of the Dead spoof.

Overall, this episode was great. Definitely a Randy Marsh episode, but also a group episode, as the four boys seek a solution to the homeless. look out for great Randy scenes though, in time they will become classic moments of South Park. A good ending to the first half of Season 11.

44 out of 52 people found the following review useful: Bos!, 11 April 2007

Once again, another great SouthPark episode for Season 11. this time it's a parody of the current film 300. With the stylish camera angles, dark clouds, the persians as enemies, voice over narration, and of course, the slow-motion & fast motion editing techniques. This is all taken straight from 300. The parody starts a little later in the episode, with the earlier part surrounding the boys quest to get their paper done, and Mrs. Garrison first discovering she's a lesbian.

Other various quarks of this episode are the portrayal of the Mexicans, and the idea of lesbian sex being called "scissoring." this term will definitely catch on with fans. I immediately loved it, and knew i would repeat it as a common SouthParkian catch phrase. the Mexican portrayal was quite humorous. not too offensive, not overdone in any way, but just a nice little addition to the episode.

Overall, this episode was great. Not sure how it will be viewed in years to come, like many SouthPark episodes, they really on current political issues, or other media sources (ie. the last two episodes, parodies of 24 and the Da Vinci Code). Anyways, I believe that in the future this will still be considered a humorous episode...Now...who wants to scissor?

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SouthPark has gone, it's gone mature, 28 March 2007

Some of you might be thinking that South Park has lost its edge. I, on the other hand, think exactly the opposite; South Park is getting better. From a viewpoint of someone saying "South Park is just mindless garbage about farting and cursing", South Park has definitely gotten more intelligent. It's gone political, but to the point where it's not preachy, but just poking fun at things. It dropped the whole kenny dying every episode and Cartman saying "I'm not fat, I'm big-boned" jokes.

Some may say that Southpark changed it's ways. It did. It got more mature. You have to admit, the kenny deaths were getting a bit old. I liked how they mixed it up and made Cartman eat Kenny and have him permanently die for awhile. It definitely shows maturity and that they're ready to be more serious, seriously funny that is. From the standpoints of long-time dedicated fans, the show has definitely stayed true. Same kind of humor, just taken up an intellect level. I've been a fan since the Mr.Hankey episode in Season 1. I watched it on Christmas Eve and I've been in love with the show ever since. I can't believe it's gone this far. I remember thinking the "Cartman's mom is a slut" episode was new. But it's been almost ten full years since they began, and they've come a long way. And because of the way they're going and the fact that they do current events, they can go on for as long as they want. Frankly, I don't want to see the day where I turn on the television and read "South Park Series Finale." My heart would sink. Honestly, this is my all-time favorite shows and I don't think i have it in me to say goodbye to it yet.

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There's a nuke in your snizz, Hilary? - you mean a Snuke?, 28 March 2007

Hilarious episode. I've been impressed so far with the whole 11th season, but this episode is by far my favorite. Where the WoW episode was the favorite of the 10th season, I must say this will most likely be the 11th season favorite. can't say it for sure yet, but it definitely contends w/ WoW.

This episode is amazing. Loved the heavy ticking of the clock. The splitscreens, and then the joining of one when Cartman is on the phone. It pulls attention to itself and laughs at the technique, and so did I. Cartman diving through the window, his apple juice farts, hilarious. The very end is awesome. The VERY end, what Cartman says.

South Park has def come a long way.

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Not for everybody, 28 March 2007

I just watched this film in my World Cinema film class. It was very interesting I must say, but I appeared to be the only person in the class to have enjoyed it. Others said the movie was too slow, had no plot, and was boring.

I understand where they're coming from, this type of film has a specific target audience. It reminded me of a couple of Gus Van Sant's films, "Elephant" and "Gerry". They were slow-paced and very quiet, nothing really went on, but i love these kinds of movies. Would I recommend watching it? Yes. Would I recommend buying it? No. It's not the type of movie you'll watch more than once or twice. It does get sort of monotonous towards the end, with the extremely long cuts that never moved.

But there were some good qualities. For me, the movie was hilarious. It was definitely my kind of humor. There's the gimp girl that works at the theater who we are forced to watch walk up the stairs, limping all along the way. And then, my favorite, was the awkward Japanese boy who watched everybody in the theater. the uncomfortable situations he's put in our hilarious. We think something is going to happen each time, but nothing ever does. But still, that's why it's so hilarious. Definitely not the type of humor for everyone though. If you're the kind that gets bored easily then you'll be too frustrated to appreciate the humor, b/c chances are you'll turn the film off. There was some beautiful composition and cinematography. the different camera angles and distances are interesting for the most part. but again, this is probably something more for film students than the average viewer.

So, overall I think this movie is worth a look. Depending on who you are, you may find it funny, but you may find it sad b/c of how lonely the characters are, esp. the Japanese boy and the gimp. This film will make you uncomfortable and you may squirm at times. If you like that in a film then I'd recommend this.

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average as far as general films go, but great (or above average) by comic-book film standards, 18 February 2007

Okay. I love Nicolas Cage. I love Ghost Rider comic books. Now, did I love the movie? Well, I don't know if I'd go that far, but I'd say I really really liked it. For the next couple of weeks or maybe month, it'll stay with me strong, but over time it'll slowly enter the "average" rating. Well, let me give an overall rundown of the movie and its pros and cons.

Pros: Nick Cage was great as Ghost Rider and his transformation into The Rider was just about perfect. The general atmosphere of the movie was extremely well done. it perfected the dark, mystic comic book look. It was extremely stylish during night scenes, or when The Rider came out. Blackheart and his gang looked really bad ass and I definitely got a boner when I first saw them on screen. Wes Bentley's performance is kind of a mixed bag. On one hand I liked it b/c of the look he gave Blackheart, but on the other hand I didn't like the way he talked. I can't explain it, judge for yourselves. I liked the way he killed ppl, but it got old quickly. Anyways, one of the highlights of the film is Donal Logue's character, where most of the comedy comes from. He plays Johnny Blaze's sidekick in the motorcycle business and best friend in life, and his presence on screen almost takes away from Nick Cage's bad-ass persona. also, the film picked up pretty fast. the exposition was quick but very enjoyable to watch. When Matt Long's Johnny Blaze turned into Nick Cage's Johnny Blaze, i was kind of sad to see Matt go. he was charismatic and characterized by young love, and it was sort of sad to see that young loverboy go away. And this is coming from someone who is a #1 Cage fan.

Cons: Though Blackheart and his gang look bad-ass, they really aren't. They seem to go down without a fight, which is depressing, for I was hoping these super cool villains would provide a good battle and some interesting special effects. In general I liked the special effects, but sometimes the action of the movie was less like action; the effects and adrenaline of the movie derive from Blaze riding his motorcycle, such as climbing up a building or driving in the water. very cool to watch, but I think the audience was hoping for a little more resistance from his enemies. Also, there were, as suspected, a lot of corny lines. But i mean it's a comic-book film, it should be expected. Actually, in my opinion, I kind of liked the corny lines. But i have a feeling others won't feel the same as me.

All in all, I enjoyed the movie and it fueled me for a couple of days and I am still thinking about it now. Though I see its flaws, I can look past them and realize that not every movie is perfect. And in regards to the chance of there being a sequel...Let's Ride! ;)

Closer (2004/I)
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Lies, truth, deceit, guilt, they're all the same thing, 12 November 2005

This was a great movie, i just watched it for the 2nd time. Hauntingly romantic, but at the same time it is pure lust. Major themes in this movie are lies and truth, cowardice, guilt, etc. While watching this, at times i feel like love is all that matters and then at other times it's about compromise and adapting to one person. Not sure really what to say, you hafta go see the movie for yourself. Performance-wise, it was great. Personally i've never been able to identify female acting talent, but Natalie Portman proves me wrong. She gives the greatest female performance ever given, in my eyes. Idk who smited her at the Oscars, but whoever it was didn't deserve it, she did. Jude Law & Roberts were good, but Clive Owen was much better. He perfected his part. Basically, if you like feeling and like being moved and touched by films, go see this. It makes you think about life and makes you want to explore it.

Scream (1996)
Still scares the sh*t out of me!, 25 August 2005

I just watched Scream for maybe the 4th or 5th time, and i still got the chills while watching it. The way it's directed makes you jump all the time when people pop out of nowhere and attack. The suspense and lack of murders in the beginning is great, because it's not simply about blood and gore, it's about keeping the audience on the edge and making shivers go down their spine.

I had to watch porno and comedy shows after watching this...that is always a great sign in a horror movie. The fact that i had to watch non-scary shows in order to flush out the frights from Scream shows how effective it really is.

Even so, i still had to jog up the basement stairs when i turned off all the lights. And i know it will stay with me when i go to bed in about ten minutes(yes, i am still trying to avoid chills by delaying being alone in the dark)

Also, as far as acting goes, there was some good acting in there. Jamie Kennedy was good(well, actually i liked his intelligent, paranoid character, but he played him, so i guess he gets credit for it). Matthew Lillard does a good show taking attention from himself and making it seem like he's not a killer whatsoever. Rose McGowan = Greatest Tits in the world.(Barrymore is good too) And lastly, Skeet Ulrich portrays the psychopathic killer tremendously, even if he couldn't fool me(until he got stabbed).

All in all, an awesome movie that delivers exactly what it promises...Wes Craven's Finest.

Christian Bale is now officially the best Batman, 17 June 2005

Christian Bale is the greatest batman. Why? Because he's not as goofy and immobile as Keaton(sorry Micheal, but you did look like a clown) and he's not as lame as George Clooney. i think Kilmer has been the best so far, but now Bale has risen to the top. He did a great job acting and aged amazingly, when he was seen as a tragic young kid leaving home into a grown man, saving the world.

I thought the story was great and Nolan, as usual, did a great job directing. There weren't many cheesy superhero lines, and i was proud to see that.

Also, hats off to Cillian Murphy for kicking ass as Dr.Crane/Scarecrow, he did a terrific job. Cillian is a great actor and i can't wait for him to make more movies. The best part of the movie is when he's crouched down and then he looks up with that crazy facial expression, proclaiming that "The Bat" is here.

Also, i have heard things about remaking the first Batman movie. Anyone know anything about that?

Great Life-Changing movie. Teaches you about growing up., 9 March 2005

I think this is a tremendous movie. I just watched it and i have to say is has a wonderful affect on me. It makes me wonder about life and makes me right the wrongs and try to make everything feel better. It teaches one about growing up and how we all eventually have to accept that time goes by and people change. After watching this, i felt sorry for all the bad things i've done and makes me want to live so much more. I realize that what we are in high school doesn't represent what we are in the future, but it shapes what we become. I must admit, i almost (or maybe did) cry while watching this movie. Matt Dillon and Michael Rappaport(two of my fav actors) gave great performances, as well as Timothy Hutton. Great story + great direction= great movie. This is one of those feel-good movies...a great experience. It's really romantic and makes me want to find someone to love and to care about inner beauty. Also...i think Michael Rappaport deserves his "big-break" and if i become a filmmaker/writer i definitely want to put him in it.

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