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Who was that conductor again? Not sure, but his face sure rings a bell!, 11 December 2012

This Christmas special is by far one of my favorite Christmas specials of all time. Follow Herb & Rex as they host a Christmas extravaganza including ice skating walruses, carol of the bells featuring a clumsy bell and humped over conductor, trimming of the tree, Joy to the World, everyone's favorite singing fruits, the California Raisins, and many other claymation skits that are sure to have to singing the true praises of Christmas all year round. The claymation is superb, the soundtrack is amazing, and the overall Christmas feel of the show will make you want to wassail your way all the way through New Years! Great job, Venton! Joy <3

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Better as a cartoon, but decent., 11 December 2012

This was the first Spongebob Squarepants episode ever to air on CBS, which is very exciting because that means we can add one more channel to our list for catching Spongebob reruns on! Not so sure I like the claymation style Christmas special for Spongebob, because there are many Spongebob antics that cannot be shown through claymation. However, Spongebob is wonderful as ever in his holiday adventure for the young and old!!! Bound to be a classic that CBS will show year after year. Join SpongeBob Squarepants, Patrick Starr, Squidard Tentacles, Sand Cheeks, Mr Krabs, Plankton and the rest of the Spongebob crew on their Christmas adventure through Bikini Bottom!

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Christmas is a time when we should be thinking about what we can do for others...., 11 December 2012

Let me start by saying I have very fond memories of watching Pee Wees Playhouse when I was younger, so needless to say this has been a staple in our family since the year it came out. Staying tried and true to the quirkiness that is Pee Wees Playhouse, come join Pee Wee, Globey, Chairry, Randy and the rest of the magical objects, characters, celebrities, and musical guests as they take you through a world of imagination, love, comical quips and enjoy being a kid again through the wonder world that is Pee Wees Playhouse. Teaches kids a great lesson about the gift of Christmas. Another thing I like about this show is it has the right amount of adult humor (Nothing over the top, though) that makes it just as enjoyable to watch it as an adult as it was to watch when I was a kid. Admit it, you know you want to travel through the wonderful wacky world of Pee Wees Playhouse!

... He even took the Who Beast!, 11 December 2012

As usual, Dr Seuss does not fail with bringing this classic kids book to life. With the grumpy Grinch's heart being two sizes too small, he reeks havoc on the happy peppy people of Whoville by stealing their Christmas presents, decorations, festivities, even the Who Beast!!! Hope he had stopped Christmas our grumpy green meanie learns the true meaning of Christmas does not come in a package, but comes from your heart. Great lesson to teach young kids. Just a subtle reminder for all of us to stop being so hell bent on having the best stuff, and take time to step back and smell the roses. The musical scores in this special are amazing! The Grinch has been a tradition in my family since I was young, and will continue to be one for my children, and hopefully their children. Bravo, Dr Seuss!

Prometheus (2012/I)
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Ho Hum....., 11 December 2012

I am one of those weird people who have not seen any of the Aliens movies. I am also one of those weird people that had no idea this was a prequel to the Aliens trilogy until about 20 minutes before I watched it. I love alien movies, however, this movies was lackluster for me. Very slow beginning, the actors were kinda blah (except for Theron, who I have always loved), and you don't actually see any aliens or action until about an hour into the movie. With the big budget they had for this movie it fell short of a smash hit like its Aliens counterparts were. Many questions unanswered, just not good at all. I had interest in seeing the Aliens movies before this, however if I hadn't and I had seen this prequel to it first, I would have no interest to see the rest of the series. However, when you think of it, most prequel sequels have been less the exhilarating, with Rise of the Planet of the Apes as one of few of these types of films I can think that lived up to the original.

Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!, 2 December 2012

There seems to be a pattern with the films that I'm apprehensive going into being the ones I give most praises to. After watching the flop of a made for TV movie a few years ago, this film seemed to be doomed from the get go. Watching this movie as an avid fan of arguably the most funny, whimsical, off the cuff comedy trio of all time, the actors and storyline had a huge journey to embark upon. The acting is amazing, each actor completely submerging themselves into the character, the plot follows that of classic Three Stooges original Nintendo TV game, is a great way to draw any avid Stooges fan into the game, and comedic timing is that of pure genius. The fact they were even able to break the show down into three separate "short" films and incorporate the opening of each segment like the show is that of nearly accomplishing perfection. The only partial complaint I have about the movie is they had to drag the plague known as Jersey Shore into the film. With the actor portraying Moe (Diamantopoulos), the somewhat overbearing brain of the act, being relatively unknown, hit the nail on the head with his antics and demeanor. As far as Sasso's portrayal of Moe's dimwitted over weight brother on and off screen (minus the abusive antics, off the screen, of course), Curly and Haye's portrayal of the music driven crazy haired Larry both made me had new respect for the actors that I had deemed one trick ponies. Overall, great movie, great acting. Makes me proud to forever be a fan our modern day knuckleheads!

The Raven (2012/I)
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Love you, Cusak, but I'll sit your next Poe installment out., 2 December 2012

Let me start be expressing how much I love John Cusak. I have loved him ever since I first saw him in Identity. So, needless to say, I was kind of biased going into this film. Perhaps if I knew more about the poetic icon Edgar Allan Poe I would appreciate this film much more then I did. However I knew nothing about him except that his work was dark. Compared to other Cusak movies I have seen, this was less then thrilling. Cusak's acting was great, as always, however I found myself dosing off during this less then exhilarating movie. If you're a Poe fan and followed his career, then you'll appreciate the way that everything Poe writes is played out in real life. If you're a Cusak fan and are looking for an exciting adventure packed movie, then keep on looking… Perhaps pick up Identity.

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"Where there is death, there is death no matter what", 2 December 2012

MIB3 lived up to the expectations of what MIB is all about. Aliens galore, this time with antagonizing Boris the Animal reeking havoc all over the place, and action packed sequences cut with just the right amount of comic relief really is what MIB is all about, right? Throwing the time traveling in to find out Agent K's dirty little secret adds more excitement to the mix. Agent J travels back in time in this movie only to run into a young Agent K and Agent J try to erase the damage that Boris the Animal cause in 1969, only to be sabotaged in every way possible along the way. Great graphics, great plot line, great acting as usual. There are no better two actors that can play off of each other like Jones and Smith do. After the first two smash hits that were out of this world, MIB3 leaves us with what could be the most shocking ending of all the films. With all that being said I personally believe this series is beginning to lose steam with this installment and should hang it up while it's ahead.

Elf (2003)
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Good, Clean, Classic Christmas movie!, 2 December 2012

Anybody who knows me knows I'm hard on Will Ferrell. However, after seeing this movie I have Ferrell fever! Ferrell proved himself worthy of the comedic giant status he has earned by portraying the naive over-sized "Elf (human)" named Buddy, a human adopted by an elf who is raised in the North Pole and somewhat reeks havoc on the elf community with just his sheer size. After having a talk with his father, he embarks on the mission of a lifetime to find out who Buddy the Elf truly is! Being fueled with nothing but sugar and a pure adrenaline rush, Buddy ends up lost in the big apple, unintentionally reeking havoc along the way, finding someone who graciously opens his home to Buddy only to have the door slammed right in his sweet little elf face after good intentions turn into bad reality. Along the adventure he proves to every stuffed shirt stuck up businessman the true Christmas spirit lies within your heart, and Santa Clause really does exist and is fueled by the pure joy of Christmas. This movie has become a staple in our yearly Christmas line up. Kudos to Ferrell for making a family friendly comedy unlike some of the other great actors that have come from SNL.

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"Does my odor offend thee?", 2 December 2012

If you are going into this movie thinking you are going to see the drama filled Dark Shadows TV show brought to life by the infamous Tim Burton, think again. If you are going into this movie thinking you are going to be watching another great Burton/Depp/Carter movie, then you are right, as a stand alone movie this is a great movie about the life of a vampire who has been entombed for centuries, only to have to help save his decedents from evil spirits after being resurrected; however, this movie has very little shared plot line with the actual TV program. With the TV show being somewhat of a drama, Burton went for more of a comedic feel to life as a turn of the century vampire. It all depends on which end of the spectrum you're looking from. Me being the Burton/Depp/Carter fan that I am, thoroughly enjoyed watching Depp submerge himself in the quirky, somewhat naive Barnubus Jones. If you are watching the movie expecting it to be a movie version of the TV show, then you'll surely be disappointed. Overall, another win for Burton as far as I'm concerned!

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