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Talaash (2012)
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Should watch it once, serious movie and a bit slow !, 4 December 2012

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Personally I didn't like the movie, but I feel it is a good movie in general.

People who like serious, slow and dark kind of movies should watch it and they will find it a good movie.

Since I have watched Hollywood movies so I couldn't find anything new here. This movie is based on the theme which is employed by many Hollywood movies in the past.

Beginning was good but then slow pace ruined it. Scenes with Rani irritated me.

Climax wasn't interesting since I could guess it before sometime. The way kareena was delivering the dialogues and those burial scenes, it all made the suspense almost zero.

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funny movie, 2 December 2012

Movie is good and has a lot of fun moments ! Although too much action was shown in beginning and during end of movie, but rest of the movie was too funny and good.

Family was so joyful, jokes were good.

Acting by sanjay was good but ajay's actin was OK.

I liked the music a lot, punjabi tone was nice ! Raja rani song is really good. Sonakshi was good too.

Overall, a good comedy movie and story was good. And it was too funny when ajay was trying to stay inside house but sanjay and all were expecting him to come out !