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"Louie" (2010)
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Funny and Fearless, 27 August 2011

Louie C.K. is heir to the throne of Carlin...his stand up is on the level of the all time greats, and he now has a show that really comes off like his stand up act;hilarious, sometimes uncomfortable but always sharp as hell.

I like how each episode is it's own stand alone story, sometimes 2 stories...and you never know what you're in for. Will Louie get laid, get humiliated, or have a life altering event happen walking down the street? The stand up segments in the show are a great icing on the cake too.

This is easily the best new comedy on TV and a great vehicle to showcase Louie's talent.


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Avengers Assemble!, 27 December 2010

Finally Marvel comics has some quality work to compete with all the awesome DC animated movies/shows that have been coming out lately. The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes takes everything that was great about the old comics and filters it through the modern Universe that Marvel is building through their big budget movies.

The artwork, animation and character design is spot on. The attention to detail paid in these shows to the story and characters is proof that the folks making this series truly love and respect the old comics and these beloved heroes and villains. And let's not forget the most important part...the action - which is fast paced and epic as almost any Marvel comic.

Story arcs and sub-plots abound just like the comics and the cast of characters is huge. I would like to see the Vision though, and Ultron would be nice as well...hopefully the show gets many more seasons to explore those options.

If Marvel could apply this sort of treatment to perhaps an animated Silver Surfer, Fantastic Four or even Spider-Man I'm sure millions of fans would rejoice! Avengers Earths Mightiest heroes is this fan's delight.

Day of the Dead (2008) (V)
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A Different Name and I Would Have Liked It More..(small spoilers), 12 April 2008

A few small homages and a few character names do not a remake..uh...make. This is no Zack Snyder remake by any means. My quick rundown -

Pros - Good looking (but weird acting)zombies

Good FX

Decent pacing in the latter 2/3 of the film.

Cons - Awful script.

Nick Carter. Awful. The actor and his character are annoying and unlikable..I wonder if in the script he was referred to as "token black guy who spouts stereotypical one-liners" instead of the characters name. Im sure most people would yell "Dat was gangsta!" after killing a zombie. Just awful.

A decent rental, but Romero's shoes are in no danger of being filled...or even shined.

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A must watch!, 16 December 2004

The Venture Bros. is the funniest animated show to debut since South Park in my opinion. If you've ever watched Johnny Quest or read any Marvel Comics(the writers seem to be fans) you will get all the jokes. I have yet to find a character in the entire show who is uninteresting or unfunny. Brock Sampson is just a badass, and the Venture Bros. themselves are hilarious. Throw in some very funny villains and great references and you just can't go wrong with this show. Much better than any other of the Adult Swim offerings(although Sealab 2021 is pretty damn funny sometimes).

User Rating 10/10

Horror at it's best. (Spoilers), 25 November 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

An American Werewolf in London has it all. As a horror movie it does everything it's supposed to shocks, scares, and repulses. But for every horror element it gets right, it gets two more of another element right. It weaves horror, comedy, drama, and some very touching scenes of sorrow together the way no other horror movie has or done since.

Landis takes the viewer on an emotional roller-coaster through the entire film. From what has to be the most vicious werewolf attack ever filmed, to the comedic back and forths between all of the characters, and eventually the main character calling home to tell his family goodbye..because he knows he has to kill himself, AAWIL does everything right.

If you've never seen this movie, I recommend getting the DVD right now! This is what horror is supposed to be. And not to be overlooked......this movie features some of the best horror SFX ever.

My rating.......Classic 9 out of 10.

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Brilliant! (Slight spoilers), 21 October 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I love the way this movie is going over peoples heads. From IMDb reviewers to the famed Roger Ebert himself, this movie separates the yokels from the open minded comedy fans..exactly what Matt and Trey had in mind, I'm sure.

For starters I give credit to the two for doing something fresh. I cant remember the last time I sat in the theater and thought "This is something I've never seen before". I was saying that through the whole film. I know the guys didn't invent puppets..but they sure reinvented them for a whole new generation, and for that they rock.

Secondly, this movie is funny. Very funny. I don't know why people around the world thought this movie was going to be Farenhieht 911 with puppets..its just a comedy. Sure, it has some world figures and current event ties in the story, but so what. I hate to break it to Ebert and the rest of the people who didn't get this movie..but there is nothing political about Hans Blix being eaten by sharks. There is no political statement being made by a puppet vomiting in an alley numerous times, or two puppets having sex, it's just funny.

And everyone is so freaked about the portrayal of Hollywood actors in this movie...these people have never seen South Park or heard Matt and Trey interviewed. They cant stand ultra-rich celebrities,whos main talent is pretending, that push their politics on us normal folks. And I agree with them..and applaud their balls(Ha!) for showing famous people for what they really are inside(Barbara Striesand)and making it hilarious.

With great music, killer jokes, and amazing visual comedy, Team America is one of a kind.

My rating...8 out of 10. F*** YEAH!

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Great 80's action, 14 October 2004

I saw this under the title "Sword of the Ninja" back in the 80's and not being a huge fan of martial arts movies, found it very enjoyable. I didn't expect the movie to be so really has a great story of two Japanese brothers, one traditional and one a powerful businessman, fighting over a set of ancient family swords. The American is brought in as a courrier(and planted thief)and becomes embroiled in the battle.

The amount of action and gore in this movie is unbelievable, and the story even has room for a young boy training to become a warrior and a great scene where the American is introduced to fine Japanese food thats still alive.Moving at a brisk pace, this movie flows well from beginning to end..and what an ending it has!

My rating....7 out of 10

Still ghoulish and terrifying after 3 decades, 13 October 2004

The first of director Romero's undead trilogy is his best. This is a film that brilliantly exudes fear, dread, and shock all at the same time. From the great performances, to the nightmarish premise, this is one of the greatest horror movies ever made.In 1968 when it was released, it was light years ahead of its time,and the casting of a black leading man, combined with flesh eating ghouls certainly added shock value to the film. And don't let anyone fool's best viewed in its original black and white to get the full effect. Almost every shocking/gory horror movie made since owes its existence to Night Of The Living Dead.

My rating....Classic 10/10

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Blasphemy to the phrase "Living Dead", 11 August 2004

Tom Savini is a very gifted make-up artist. He is creative, twisted, and a legend in the make-up/SFX world.

How this translates into him being an actor, sliding across car hoods, doing flips, and shooting zombies still mystifies me.

To be honest though, it wouldn't matter who starred in this would still be a sloppy, amateur cheesefest trying to capitalize on the words Living Dead.

As a huge fan of Savini, I was sooooo let down by this movie that I cant even begin to express my hatred for it. It does everything wrong, ugly, and with no Savini style. Please stay BEHIND the camera Tom....please.

Avoid this like the plague. 1 out of 10