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World lives on hope, 18 April 2013

Outing from Sekhar Kammula is anticipated with bated breath. In the past he has demonstrated his craft and story-telling skills.

The director has demonstrated sensitivity which gets reflected in every character including the pet dog. As always all the characters are fleshed out well, especially female (Sekhar Kammula's forte). The actor have given their best, or should we say the talented director has helped to realise their true potential. The screenplay is fluid and the movie engrosses you right from the word go. The sub-plots fit like glove in a hand into the main storyline.

Its good to see Amla & Anjala Zaveri after a long time. Shriya Saran as always does "stop the press" when she appears in the frame.

DOP has done a great job which gives you the feel of the environment. Music is light and breezy. Just like in "Happy Days" major portions of the plot seem autobiographical, which makes the audience have an instant connect.

The only short-coming is the length which makes the movie sag in the latter half. Additonally one or two sub-plots should have been edited out as it gives an impression of TV series ie. too many events happening on the stage. On that note the movie reminded me of Hrishikesh Mukherjee's "Hum Hindustani".

Overall, a must watch and roll on the next one Sekhar Kammula.

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Abysmal, don't even bother, 15 April 2013

Fiji Islands is the only good thing about this movie - its gorgeous and breathtaking to the effect that you would seriously contemplate your next holiday in there. And then all good things come to an end.

The plot is hackneyed. The screenplay is incoherent making the proceedings unbearable. Coming from the writers of "Table No. 21" my expectations were on a higher note.

Niel Nitin Mukesh cannot act, period. Sonal Chouhan makes a good attempt and showcases her svelte body in the choicest costumes. Few songs stand out. DOP is excellent.

Watch it only with a group of your best buddies and make a spoof of every scene - yes, at-least it would serve a good laugh.

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Disappoints, 11 April 2013

It had all the makings of "Band Bajaa Baraat", sadly it has too too many ingredients cramming into. The pace of the proceedings, the layers and the number of sub-plots fused into the narrative makes the comedy turns into confusion. Seriously the director should have first built the premise on a track or two and layered it as you go along.

Saqib Saleem attempts hard and to a certain extent makes himself noticeable. Otherwise a poor man's "Ranveer Singh".

Rhea is loud with zero acting abilities. A few of her costumes is atrocious.

Ram Kapoor is over-the-top. His character should have been fleshed out before getting into the ranting spree at every available opportunity.

Ravi Kishan stands out with his dialogue delivery and performance.

The writing on the wall is clear, the production house has fabricated the Mika-Honey Singh controversy just to garner publicity. Nonetheless a few tracks stand out.

Save your money to watch it on when aired on telly anytime soon and you have nothing more productive to do.

PS: And yes too much Punjabi in the movie can be a sore thumb.

Badrinath (2011)
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Poor man's Magadheera, 10 April 2013

The writing on the wall is clear: the mega success & ringing cash- registers of "Magadheera" has prompted the makers to attempt "Badarinath". Sadly none in the production team cared less to deliver a good Chandamama story. Everyone seems to be blinded by the glitter and gloss of the production values that results in a soulless pot boiler called "Badrinath".

Allu Aravind has put in lots of effort especially in the action sequences. Sadly he should have concentrated on his performance too.

Tamanna plays as usual the glam-doll, a stereo type character she prefers.

Prakash Raj is loud.

Kelly Dorjee & Ashwini Kalsekar are passable.

The plot opens up with lots of promise but sadly loses it steam as it chugs along and passes through the predictable path offering nothing new to the audience in terms of novelty.

"Magadheera" was a game-changer. It awakened the mythological sentiments which was lying dormant in the Telugu audience. And certainly the credit goes to the unstinted effort poured by Rajamouli. V V Vinayak clearly has a long way to go before he can make a mark for himself.

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At the core, the soul is missing, 28 March 2013

Any story based on real-life events can only connect if it has a soul thereby making an instant connect with the audience. In the case of "The Attacks of 26/11" only after Kasab is captured the human side begins to surface. Until this point in time, the entire proceedings seem to be a documentary devoid of any emotion what so ever. If the writer/ director would have addressed this right from the first frame "The Attacks of 26/11" would have been a different experience altogether.

Sanjeev Jaiswal as Kasab is first class. Delivers a master-piece performance. Atul Kulkarni was wasted in a minuscule role and perhaps warranted better footage. Nana Patekar comes alive only after the capture of Kasab and is a treat to watch him portray the Joint Police Comissioner. Pre-dominantly "The Attacks of 26/11" appears to Rakesh Maria's version of what happened back then.

Yes, its a great attempt but could have been definitely better.

Race 2 (2013)
Sequel fizzle, 28 March 2013

"Race" was truly an classy thriller loaded with serpentine twists. A benchmark so high that warranted the makers to surpass if not match. Sadly the franchise clearly is out for the money that can be milked and therefore loses its steam.

For starters instead of taking the linear continuation, the franchise should have been independent in its own right. Too many references to "Race" spoil the proceedings.

Anil Kapoor sadly resorted to gawdy adult jokes. Ameesha Patel, the bimbo secretary was a stocking filler for Sameera Reddy which I am sure nobody cared. Saif reprised his role and look from the first one. Bipasha has a two-minute cameo. Jacqueline & Deepika attempted to fill the void of Katrina and failed miserably. On that note, Jacqueline has the looks and the style to carry it off - sadly lacks in acting department. John Abraham seems to reprising his role from "Dhoom" only this time around steals bits and pieces from "Force" to showcase his chiseled body in the match sequences. Aditya Pancholi is passable.

Pritam has done full justice to the music and is in line with the first "Race". And thats the only saving grace about this sequel.

Outsourced "retired" life, 21 February 2013

Managing to get the loaded star cast under the single roof AND the journey to India keeps you guessing if "Love Actually" is travelling on "The Darjeling Limited" to .see the "Slumdog Millionaire". Nonetheless its a heartwarming story

• Judi Dench: Clearly she steals the show and her performance is miles away from the rest.

• Tom Wilkinson: Best track compared to the others and he shines.

• Bill Nighy: I never expected a subdued performance pulled off with such great conviction.

• Maggie Smith: Keep the audience engrossed at all times.

• Dev Patel: Every time he opened his mouth it seemed he was a cyborg in disguise. Otherwise his character had lots of potential to showcase his talent.

• Tena Desae: Poor man's "Freida Pinto".

A definite one-time watch to get a slice of how would it be like to have a retired life outsourced to India.

Gattu (2011)
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Child at heart, 2 January 2013

Outings like "Gattu" deserve a bit more buzz, at least to encourage the team for their conviction and the spirit. "Gattu" is very much child at heart and off late its great to see movies like "Stanley Ka Dabba", "Chillar Party", "I am Kalam" are being attempted. Yes, "Gattu" falls under the same remit.

Kite flying and obsessions around it make you travel back in time. The school environment is realistically captured. Without giving away too much I would say its a definite one time watch, and yes "Gattu" ensures grabs the attention of young audience within the first 10-minutes.

Performance of every character is true to life - amazing!

Way to go.....

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KJo's attempts Archie comics, 27 December 2012

KJo changed gears with his earlier outing "My Name Is Khan" in a attempt to create milestone in Indian cinema. When the same was received with lukewarm response KJo decided to revert to his "Kuch Kuch Hota Hain" roots, a story primarily skirting in the college campus. Whether KJo is actually growing in terms of calibre and goes a few notches up with SOTY is left to viewers discretion.

The fresh trio do pack a punch in terms of performance. The highlight of the pack is definitely Sidharth Malhotra and if I may dare say has a screen presence and a debut on the likes of Ranveer Singh. Alia Bhatt is amazing, thanks to the KJo who manages to present the very best of her. Varun Dhawan at this point in time appears to be overshadowed by the two but I am sure he is promising in his own right to carve his identity. Rishi Kapoor, okay a gay character but in hindsight was the track warranted? Ram Kapoor's character could have been fleshed out well as now he appears to be step-father. Gautami Kapoor can put Dharma productions in her CV, meaning her role is no more than decorative piece. Boman Irani - why was he there for a blink-and-miss role?

In terms of writing, the spirit of campus is well captured and perhaps had room to build more had it stayed away from KJo's sensibilities. There are quite a lot of layers in the movie and as stated earlier a few of them unwarranted. The last ten minutes are a big downer in terms of writing.

Songs as always coming from Dharma are chart busters, choreographed well by his loyalists Farah, Vaibhavi & Remo. And yes for those who haven't watched "Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander" SOTY would be a good start.

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Sell your soul to devil, 26 December 2012

"Raaz 3" cleverly utilises the success of the franchise and ropes in from the original the director Vikram Bhatt and actress Bipasha Basu (thank God, Dino Morea was permitted to stay away!).

Writer Shagufta Ali fences the plot quite well - a waning actress who can go any lengths to retain the crowning glory and succumbs to making use of black magic as a weapon of destruction.

Bipasha gives her best shot however appears she was over-doing it and if I may dare say flaunting her body she has toned over the unemployment years. Emraan Hashmi's character is not well etched out. Eesha Gupta manages a decent performance considering she is a newbie in comparison. And yes, Bipasha & Shagufta as half-sisters - bad writing.

Songs are OK carrying the signature Mahesh Bhatt feel. Director Vikram Bhatt who has developed core competence in the genre of horror does a decent job. On that note, the writer could have polished the edges to give that sheen it warranted.

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