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Talaash (2012)
Good attempt but lacks fun !
30 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Movie begins with a good note but ends with a sour note ! Direction was awesome and screenplay was good too.

Positive thing about movie - the length ! People who want to watch serious cinema would love this movie !

Movie lacks the most important factor - the fun ! You might not want to enjoy your weekend with this kind of cinema.

Acting was superb but only by the leading male Aamir Khan. Katrina and other lady were just average.

Surprise factor - Movies where ghosts help people still work in Bollywood ?

Conclusion - Just one time watch !
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Better Avoid it !
30 November 2012
Please do not watch it in theater ! Only grace was from Sanjay Dutt, who did show some kind of acting but then story even made him look weak.

Not sure why bollywood directs these kind of non-sense action flicks and why audience watch these things ? Music wasn't as good as normal bollywood flick. And what was that Po Po ?! Too bad.

Totally failed in creating humor and comedy. Script was too weak to mention.

All characters were like circus employees, beyond any fun limits.

One word - Avoid it !
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