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The book is the perfect script....., 22 September 2013

Well I didn't read too much SK books in the last years but I bought this one for my camping vacation. It took me 1 week to finish and I really did enjoy the setting,the idea and the characters. It was soooo easy for me to imagine how they would look like in the TV show (knowing that there is one) e.g. Tom Jane would be my pick for Barbie,etc,etc,etc. So at home I started watching the show....and thought "What the ....." comes that they changed the size of the dome, the characters and their timelines, relationships ,etc,etc,etc. The bits and pieces described in the book could be changed to give it a pg13 without loosing the sickness of some of the main characters. But to change quite everything besides the names is really poor. Maybe one could enjoy the show without having read the book but in my case it is really no fun. And it would have been soooo easy to just take the chapters (everything is given) and bring them to the screen providing enough room for a mini- or even a series without loosing everything !

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oh my good god..., 30 November 2012

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I think those were not Nazi Zombies....they were Red Russian Army Zombies.....on Motocross Bikes hunting the main characters in a car chase while firing at them....enough said ?? This movie was really the worst and dumbest (ok I didn't expect too much) in the whole series. what a waste of time. The first minutes were really well done - the idea of the reverse intro was good and the little scene in die suburban area was stolen from the Dawn of dead remake - but quite cool as well. This is what earns 3 of 10 - All the other parts (espacielly part 1)of the series were at least really good "brains off" fun. But I can't turn off my brains that much ;-)