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Review from the great film critic, Phillip French of The Observer (UK), 26 January 2014

Philip French Sunday 20 June 1999

Painted Angels (1998, 15, Artificial Eye, Rental/Retail) In Ride the High Country (1962), Sam Peckinpah put the whores into the horse opera, making the once taboo subject of frontier prostitution a proper theme for Westerns. Jon Sanders' unsentimental, non-prurient Painted Angela, one of the most realistic accounts of sex out West, concerns the girls in a brothel run by ruthless Irish madam Brenda Fricker on the fringe of a bleak prairie town in the 1880s. A socially detailed, achingly moving story of brutality and occasional tenderness is unfolded with considerable subtlety. The cast, headed by Kelly McGillis, is flawless.

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Involving and very original film, 28 November 2012

A very low budget film about mid-life crisis that is involving and very original. Definitely more European than English in style - it doesn't spell everything out, gives you time to get involved and its well acted and beautifully shot. The subject matter is quite painful but the way it is performed makes it often really funny - always true to life and never sentimental. All the actors were completely convincing,and anyone who has been through the break-up of a long term relationship will find a lot here that really hits home. Apparently the dialogue was improvised and maybe that's what makes it so realistic. Not your usual British film but something really special.