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The Avengers, 26 November 2012

The Marvel's movie The Avengers is an action packed comedy sci-fi movie all in one. It has everything and everyone in it. All of the Marvel characters in one brought together by Nick Fury because Loki stole the Tesseract that was found in the Captain America movie. It has Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Captain America. All the characters are extremely different, which made it very difficult for them to come together as one team against their other worldly foe, Loki. It takes the super heroes to get past their own egos and accept each other's help. It's difficult for the characters to come together because they're personalities are all so different, and they're also used to being the stars by themselves so that makes ten times more difficult to come together. There is a lot of inner conflict with the characters too. To start off with, the inevitable Iron Man. He is still the same Iron Man, a genius with a lot of money and a huge ego. Captain America just has came back from being frozen since the World War II times. He isn't used to all the technology that is used to really enhance the movie. That causes a conflict because Iron Man refers to Captain America as an "old man". Then there's Thor who is Loki's brother, there's more conflict. He comes to help because he is against his brothers antics. Loki believes that a world shouldn't have freedom like ours does. He comes to be the ruler and demands it. Then there's Natasha or the Black Widow, to me the typical woman in a super hero movie. She's almost seductive. They have her in tight clothing and she's manipulative. I am surprised that she can hold her own. I figured they would have made her more of a damsel in distress because she is the only woman in the movie really. Her friend Hawkeye becomes under Loki's spell trying to defend Loki from getting the Tesseract. He ends up having to fight Natasha and then comes out of the spell the help in the end. Then there's Hulk who has been trying to hide and stay away pretty much from people so he can keep calm. He hates becoming the Hulk, but when he does, he doesn't care who or what is in his way. He fights the other characters and tries to hurt them without really being aware.

Disregarding all of the conflict the characters all come together in the end to take on Loki in the typical attack area I feel for a superhero movie, New York City. It has to happen in a big city to show the impact that it had on the movie. All around the quality of the movie is amazing. The way all the movies were tied together really worked. It was all around a great movie.