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awful film, 14 November 2011

A dreadful viewing experience, with a terrible script and poorly directed actors. The main character is a screaming, gurning, nonsensical monstrosity. I don't give a s*** what the message or the intention of the film was, it's f***ing poorly made and an utterly meritless viewing experience.

The "cards fall where they may" thing was over-egged, felt stupid, ridiculous, and repetitive. It is a bewildering and alienating film, the characters are not recognizable as human, they're weird cartoon characters. And they talk too fast too, it was incomprehensible.

I respect the fact that they made a film for next to nothing. I don't respect the film on any level.

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unpleasant and pointless, 8 November 2011

There was a good film buried in this somewhere, but there were far too many layers of artiness preventing it from being enjoyable. The central conceit sounds like an appealing idea: a Antonio is described by several different women, each with a vastly differing picture of him. in each of the segments the woman is played the same actress but Antonio is portrayed by a different actor. But it loses all possible appeal in the telling.

I cannot even put into words how oddly this film is directed, as it pushes itself as far as possible outside what you expect a film to be. The sound design is relentlessly ugly, the visuals occasionally interesting but mostly pretentious and unpleasant. All performers were told to overact and gurn for the camera, particularly the lead actress who was equally unpleasant to watch in all her roles, grotesque, over-nuanced cartoon-character monstrosities.

This is a film where within minutes you start asking yourself "is this a joke?" It self-consciously alienates the audience at every turn, telling an empty story with a boring script, and it has almost no redeeming moments whatsoever.

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a dumbening waste of time., 7 November 2009

i was one of six people who attended the screening, i was one of three that stayed to the end. i thought i was in the clear when the credits started rolling, but then there was more footage during them. i felt like screaming "end you bastard!"

all fault can be landed at the director's feet. the cast do a fine job, the script hits the right notes, the sets are fine, but the whole thing is so, so, so bloody boring.

then i realised that this was one of the most high-profile Irish films that year. then i felt so royally betrayed.

just because your film has all the hallmarks of the Coen Bros, doesn't make you as good, or even comparable to the Coen Bros. Referencing Withnail & I doesn't make people find your movie as good as Withnail & I.

Damage (2007) (TV)
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terrible, 1 October 2008

this is an ad for the rape crisis center. i have nothing wrong with that, i'm all in favour of that. but usually these ads are about thirty seconds long.

this show was two hours.

and it managed to be less interesting than watching a single thirty-second ad 500 times in one sitting. the characters were awful, the direction was unforgivably dire, the writing was a joke and the story frankly went nowhere. just wretched situations for wretched people.

and just to cap it off. i thought the main character was retarded. i mean i thought she was mentally challenged. i was waiting for it to come up in the plot who horrific it is to rape a mentally challenged person and then it dawned on me that she wasn't supposed to be retarded. not only her, but her best friend too, the one who turns on her. terrible performances all round, just awful. watch ads instead.