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Movies I own on DVD or Bluray. This does not include TV series, Anime series, or movies that the rest of my family owns.
a list of 26 titles
This list includes TV series as well as Anime series and OVAs.
a list of 52 titles
These are movies I have seen, but would like to own.
a list of 78 titles
Not a comprehensive list. Only movies I own.
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Movies that aren't quite horror, but still get your blood pumping. English-language films and foreign-language films included.
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These are my favorite horror films. Some are spooky, many are disturbing, and a few are even a little funny. English-language and foreign films included.
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Movies on this list are spoken in a language other than English, or where English is not the main language spoken. The list also contains all genres, so there is a little something that could satisfy everyone.
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These are the 10 movies I would have to take with me to a desert island. In other words, if I can't ever watch anymore movies, I'd be fine with these.
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...check out the movies in this list. These are good films (for one reason or another) that you'll probably never hear much, if anything, about. American and foreign movies of all genres. Something for everyone.
a list of 40 people
These are actors that I would watch any movie with them in, no matter what the content. (English-speaking only)
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These movies are definitely not of high calibre, but are still good for a laugh.